Perfection vs. Persistence

young plant grow on the orange rock

Tweet If there’s one reason I’ve been able to do all the things I’ve done–like lose 100 pounds, homeschool for 28 years, blog, run a household with a (very) large family–it’s because I’ve been persistent, rather than perfect. Perfection is overrated. It causes stress and discouragement for many of us, and it can be a […]

One Simple Change That Helped Me Use My Planner More


Tweet Having been an advocate of planning and writing things down for many years, you’d think I would have my planner permanently chained to my body. Not so. Although I’ve spent LOTS of money on different models over time, most of them were used sporadically. Even though I settled on a particular type and have […]

T-Tapp Less Than Half Price!


Tweet Wow! What a gift to US!! These are the workout DVDs that I used to go from size 22W to size 6/8 at age 47, losing more than twice my HEIGHT in inches! If you’ve been thinking of trying T-Tapp, today is the day! Sorry you missed it! Sale has ended!

The Effect of Our Surroundings


Tweet Funny thing about our surroundings. When we see the same scenery day after day, we stop seeing it. And we ignore the effects of our surroundings on our selves. Think about the pile of newspapers on the end table–a quiet, unassuming pile of a few days’ worth of newsprint. No big deal, right? But […]

2014 T-Tapp Retreat Photo Album


Tweet Every T-Tapp Retreat in Safety Harbor, Florida, has a different feel–but it’s all good! The theme for this year’s retreat seemed to be love and sisterhood. From the opening introductions to the final session, there was a special atmosphere of connection and caring. It was really lovely. Here are a few photos from the […]