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Four hundred is a big number. And that’s the number of newsletter issues that have been sent out from This Lovely Place as of today! If you’re a subscriber, you know that the newsletter contains the latest blog post, tidbits about my family, exclusive T-Tapp tips, notification of special sales, and more. (You can subscribe […]

One At a Time for Less Stress

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Sometimes we have such strong habits of thought that we don’t realize their power over us. We have no idea how they affect us nearly every day. But every once in a while, we have a moment of clarity and things change. I had one of those yesterday. It dawned on me that I was […]

How to Keep Going With T-Tapp When the Going Gets Slow


It would be nice if we could get a 100% guarantee on our results with exercise.  Don’t we wish we could look at a menu and choose how many inches to lose on our thighs?   “I’ll take a flat tummy, please, with no cellulite on the side.”  Like a coin-operated gumball machine, we could just […]

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

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“I’m not creative.” “I’ll never get organized.” “I’m such a dummy.” “I don’t have time.” What do these statements have in common? Not one of them is true. Before you rush to explain that your situation is different, and that those statements are indeed true, hear me out. Often what seems real to us is […]

Love Yourself Back to Health

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Do you ever feel like life is a battle? Do you feel overwhelmed, dragged out, and exhausted? If this sounds like you, chances are your health is suffering, too. In an effort to manage emotions and keep up with daily responsibilities, you may have neglected some very basic self-care, and now your body is paying […]

Worry and Stress: Be Careful What You Borrow


The public library is something you take for granted, until you don’t have one.  We once lived in a very small town, and the nearest library was in another city miles away.  We shopped for groceries once a week in that city and planned our library trips then.  The problem was that the library had […]

Why We Have a Homeschool Routine Instead of a Schedule


It can take trial and error to figure out some things about your homeschool style. You might feel like a pinball, bouncing from one method to another, until you finally find a fit for your family….for this semester, anyway. For instance, you may have to experiment to see if your family functions better with a […]