T-Tapp for the Tired


Are you tired?  Are you dragging through your days?  It reminds me of that old song “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” except the refrain is “Are You Tired Today?” We all know that there are many reasons for being tired:  stress, hormones, overweight, pregnancy, motherhood, sleep deprivation, nutritional deficiencies, fungus overgrowth, blood sugar issues and more. […]

Three Words That Change Everything


We arrived home at 1:00am yesterday after a long day of traveling. We had a wonderful time on a cruise to Honduras, Belize and Mexico. After so many years of staying home raising a family, to travel like that was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the time with my teen daughters Gracie and Lanie, and my […]

Fearless Living


Step back and take a look at your life. More importantly, how you think about your life. In this case, life means your daily activities and responsibilities and relationships. Do you approach each day with anticipation, looking forward to the good things that will happen? Or do you begin the day–mentally–dreading what’s ahead, creating anxiety?If […]

7 Ways to Protect Your Emotional Energy


You wake up in the morning with a certain amount of emotional energy to spend during the day. It’s like a bank account from which you can make withdrawals and deposits. It makes sense to monitor your account balance, and to become aware of any sources of leakage. We often live like we have an endless […]

How to Quit T-Tapp – A Beginner’s Guide


  It’s probably safe to say that the majority of people don’t stick with exercise for long. Who needs a guide?   Well, if you’re going to quit, why waste time? Why spend more sleepless nights than necessary? This handy guide is a helpful public service.   On the other hand, if you don’t want to […]

Blog Giveaway: T-Tapp and Plexus!


Four hundred is a big number. And that’s the number of newsletter issues that have been sent out from This Lovely Place as of today! If you’re a subscriber, you know that the newsletter contains the latest blog post, tidbits about my family, exclusive T-Tapp tips, notification of special sales, and more. (You can subscribe […]