Resurrection Rolls for Easter


Tweet A few years ago we started a new tradition at Easter time:  making Resurrection Rolls.  We usually make them with the younger girls after dyeing boiled eggs.  Last year things got so busy we didn’t make them until several days after Easter.  See?  No perfection required when it comes to family traditions.   Resurrection […]

T-Tapp Retreat Experience in a Box


Tweet Anybody who has joined a T-Tapp 60-Day Challenge will tell you that their dream prize is to win a trip to the annual retreat in Safety Harbor, Florida. In fact, those who entered this year are now in the breathless waiting-to-hear-who-won stage! I well remember my first T-Tapp retreat. I had been T-Tapping for […]

T-Tapp Workout Schedule Tips: Cheering You On!


Tweet A smaller pair of jeans or a new dress for that special wedding this spring beckons from your closet. It’s enough to get you started with T-Tapp, and you tell yourself you’ll feel better and have more energy, too. But then you get a little confused about how much and how often and before […]

Secret to Getting Stuff Done


Tweet Do you want to know a secret for getting stuff done? It has to do with your calendar and your to-do list. Wait a minute, you might think—I thought you said this was a secret. Everybody knows you need a calendar and to-do list. Hang on, there’s more… Most of us do use a […]

How to Transform Yourself

close up butterfly feeding on a flower

Tweet Most of us have things we’d like to change about ourselves. Those things may be major or minor, realistic or unrealistic. As a girl I always wanted to have blue eyes and I wished I wasn’t so tall. Obviously those things aren’t going to change permanently. I’m not talking about self-hatred or low self […]