Reverse Aging: 12 Reasons You’ll Love T-Tapp Alfalfa


  Anti-aging is one thing, but REVERSE aging? Look younger because you’ve turned back the clock? It can happen with T-Tapp Premium Blended Alfalfa! My personal experience has been that my facial skin looks more moist and plump when I stay consistent with alfalfa. And when I forget one too many times? My skin looks […]

What’s Your T-Tapp Diagnosis?


The clinic waiting room was nearly deserted and that was good news.  Our 13-year-old daughter had come home from church camp with the news that her counselor and her roommate had been diagnosed with strep throat, and now her throat was sore and she had a headache.  We changed plans and took her to the […]

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix for Chilly Days


Cold, damp weather goes hand in hand with drinking hot chocolate.  It’s the ultimate comfort drink for our family during cool weather.   It is forbidden to drink hot chocolate during warm weather by the Tradition Police (the older children). You have to wait until at least the first official day of Fall to drink the […]

Please Don’t Make This Mistake in Your Marriage

Business man frustrated and ashamed with hands on face

Having been married, mostly happily, for 34+ years, certain observations have been made along the way. My husband is a pastor. He has performed dozens of weddings and dealt with the aftermath when the couple spent more time planning the wedding than learning about marriage. This particular mistake that I’m warning you about seems very […]