More Than a Workout


Don’t let the name fool you. This workout melts away hip pads, trims my waist, and keeps my core stronger than any other T-Tapp workout! I seldom do the whole thing–but I LOVE the Primary Back Stretch sequence and other moves in the Tempo version on the DVD. Senior Fit is NOT just for Seniors!  […]

How to Be a Happy Homeschool Mom


As a member of the blog team at HipHomeschoolMoms, I recently contributed this article. It was published in the “Encouragement” category, and it’s my hope that it will indeed encourage you–and maybe gently change your perspective! What comes to mind as you think about your upcoming homeschool week? Anticipation and joy? Dread and frustration? Many […]

Quickie Workouts for Extra-Busy Times

Bottle of water and green apple. Healthy diet concept

“Fifteen minutes” is what attracted me to T-Tapp in the first place.  As a very overweight, very tired, very busy Mom, I had no desire to do a long workout and knock myself out with bands or weights.  The thought of a complicated system with an elaborate workout schedule was overwhelming.  Anything more than fifteen […]

These Small Hours: Living Intentionally During the Holidays


  Warning:  busy times are ahead.  ‘Tis the season for extra baking, shopping, wrapping, decorating and entertaining.  Starting with the Thanksgiving holiday and ending with New Year’s, the addition of extra activities on top of our regularly scheduled lives can be a mite stressful.   I’m definitely in favor of doing the extras.  Holidays mark […]

Handy Holiday Recipe List


Confession: My recipe cabinet is only semi-organized. The cookbooks stand in a row and there’s a notebook with old cooking magazines inside, but not one of the recipes is computerized or tagged. Random recipes written on loose cards or notes and torn-out magazine pages are stored in a big zip-loc bag. That’s the extent of […]

The Thanksgiving We Almost Died


The baby was six months old and he wasn’t quite crawling yet. He happily joined in the general noise and play of his two sisters and a brother, ages twenty-two months, three and four. Four little children, aged four and under. We were living in a small white frame house while my husband went to […]

Reverse Aging: 12 Reasons You’ll Love T-Tapp Alfalfa


  Anti-aging is one thing, but REVERSE aging? Look younger because you’ve turned back the clock? It can happen with T-Tapp Premium Blended Alfalfa! My personal experience has been that my facial skin looks more moist and plump when I stay consistent with alfalfa. And when I forget one too many times? My skin looks […]