Notes From My Phone


Tweet How long have you owned a cell phone? It’s hard to remember what life was like before them, isn’t it? There are good and bad sides to having one. But all I have to do is forget my phone when I leave the house, and I remember in a hurry why they are so […]

Honest Truth About What I’ve Been Doing


Tweet This is one of those heart-pounding, hard-to-click-publish kind of posts. In fact, yesterday I sort of wandered around and felt kind of down, until evening came and I decided to do what I gotta do. You might wonder what in the world I’m going to announce or confess. Well, here it is. For more […]

How We Changed Our Meal Planning

Fresh groceries in a paper bag

Tweet If there’s one thing I’ve learned about systems and plans while raising twelve kids, it’s that systems and plans aren’t permanent. Like a baby’s sleep schedule, just when you think you’ve got it figured out, something changes. Even a system that has worked well for years can come to a point where it just […]

Perfection vs. Persistence

young plant grow on the orange rock

Tweet If there’s one reason I’ve been able to do all the things I’ve done–like lose 100 pounds, homeschool for 28 years, blog, run a household with a (very) large family–it’s because I’ve been persistent, rather than perfect. Perfection is overrated. It causes stress and discouragement for many of us, and it can be a […]

One Simple Change That Helped Me Use My Planner More


Tweet Having been an advocate of planning and writing things down for many years, you’d think I would have my planner permanently chained to my body. Not so. Although I’ve spent LOTS of money on different models over time, most of them were used sporadically. Even though I settled on a particular type and have […]