Love Yourself Back to Health

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Do you ever feel like life is a battle? Do you feel overwhelmed, dragged out, and exhausted? If this sounds like you, chances are your health is suffering, too. In an effort to manage emotions and keep up with daily responsibilities, you may have neglected some very basic self-care, and now your body is paying for it. Hey, been there, done that. Eight years ago

Worry and Stress: Be Careful What You Borrow


The public library is something you take for granted, until you don’t have one.  We once lived in a very small town, and the nearest library was in another city miles away.  We shopped for groceries once a week in that city and planned our library trips then.  The problem was that the library had extremely restrictive policies for borrowers who lived outside of their

Why We Have a Homeschool Routine Instead of a Schedule


It can take trial and error to figure out some things about your homeschool style. You might feel like a pinball, bouncing from one method to another, until you finally find a fit for your family….for this semester, anyway. For instance, you may have to experiment to see if your family functions better with a homeschool schedule or a homeschool routine. There was a season

Special Events: Dreading or Anticipating?

We have several “big” events coming up in the next few months. Some of those events include the need for formal wear and other clothes not normally worn by this stay-at-home, homeschooling Mom. When I began scouting stores and favorite online shopping spots, it wasn’t really enjoyable. In fact, the whole process was triggering thoughts of self-criticism and anxiety about the events. My head was

Resurrection Rolls for Easter


A few years ago we started a new tradition at Easter time:  making Resurrection Rolls.  We usually make them with the younger girls after dyeing boiled eggs.  Last year things got so busy we didn’t make them until several days after Easter.  See?  No perfection required when it comes to family traditions.   Resurrection Rolls   Prepare a baking sheet with either pan spray or

My Skin Care Routine (and a Giveaway!)

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There is a dizzying array of skin care products out there in the world. I’ve tried my share over the years, and dropped them when they made my face break out or didn’t help with wrinkles or texture. I’ve currently settled on a skin care routine that I really like (at age 55), so I thought I’d share the products with you since some of