Cute Baby Gender Reveal Party

sleeping newborn baby wrapped in a yellow blanket

We’re a party kind of family, and when our daughter Sarah and her husband Chris were ready to announce the gender of their expected baby, it was party time. Extended family had already gathered for a potluck meal after church, so they decided to tack on a little baby gender reveal party in the afternoon. […]

Quick Fix for Overwhelm


Overwhelm has been defined as “too much emotional going on,” and that’s certainly how it feels. And I ought to know, because I’ve lived it far too often. One of the great lessons of my 50’s has been to stop bringing in the stress and to-do’s of next summer and next week and tomorrow into […]

What Not to Say


In Oklahoma we say we’re “fixin’” to go to the store. I was raised in Kansas and “Bless your heart” meant compassion, but I recently realized that’s an insult in some places. My husband calls macaroni and cheese “cheese noodles” so my children have been raised with that. The words and phrases we use are […]

Easy Ways to Make Family Meals Special


Munching frozen pizza while gathered around the TV….eating burritos in the backseat of the mini-van….grabbing a hot dog at the game….   All families have times when a family meal involves convenience foods and eating on the go. The thought of eating dinner around the table at home can sound old-fashioned, boring or maybe even […]

Climbing Back on the Wagon


You made the resolution to start back on T-Tapp and lose some sizes. There’s a freshly dusted workout DVD and new water bottle sitting on the cabinet. A brand new pair of Skechers Energy 2250 shoes are waiting to be laced up. You have high hopes and gung-ho determination now that you’ve climbed back on the wagon. Now what? […]

Why You Should Enter the 2015 T-Tapp 60-Day Challenge!


The 2015 T-Tapp 60-Day Challenge begins on Saturday, January 10, 2014. You can find all the details on the contest here: 2015 T-Tapp 60-Day Challenge The 10th is the day you buy a newspaper and take your “before” photos. You’ll have a couple of days after that to fill in the information and send your […]

7 Things to Do the Week After Christmas


Christmas is wonderful, but so is the week AFTER Christmas. It’s a time of reflection, looking forward, decluttering and organizing. Take advantage of the motivation of ending the year and beginning a new one. Here’s a short list of ideas for things to do the week after Christmas: Take down Christmas decorations and put them […]