Recipe by Request: Chicken Taco Soup


Every recipe has a story, whether it’s about the first time you cooked it, or where you found it.  This recipe is a fairly recent family favorite, although certain family members have very definite preferences about it. I know of one little girl who eats everything but the corn, leaving the golden kernels in the bowl while carefully picking out everything else to eat.  

Best No-Bake Cookies


No-Bake Cookies are a family favorite, and we are fairly snobbish about them. We happen to think that we have the best recipe, hands down, and so far nobody has disagreed. They truly are the BEST No-Bake Cookies we’ve ever eaten! Most recipes seem to have a shortage of chocolate and/or peanut butter and then there’s the problem of being too mushy or too dry. 

Live Fear-less and Grate-ful


Flipping back through my journal, an entry from a few months ago jumped out at me. I needed the reminder, so here it is in a blog post for my own reference. It was one of those “ah-ha” moments for me, so I figured you could benefit, too. We spend too much time thinking about and talking about LACK. For most of us, the majority of our

#1 Best Idea for Homeschool Lunches


Homeschool families often eat three meals a day together, so “what’s for lunch” is a frequent question faced by Moms. As a member of the team at Hip Homeschool Moms, I wrote about my favorite solution to this daily dilemma: Sometimes it’s the little things. And we forget that one woman’s small tip is another woman’s life-changing idea. Recently a mom thanked me for something

Homemade Toffee


Once upon a time….long, long ago….one of my daughters made this homemade toffee for a friend and sent it to him in a box with other goodies. He really liked the toffee, and eventually he proposed to her. I’m not sure if the toffee had anything to do with it, but it didn’t hurt. This homemade treat makes a nice Valentine’s Day gift. It’s easy

Easy Energy Bites


Many years ago, my sister taught me a song she learned at Brownies, the younger girls’ version of Girl Scouts: “Make new friends but keep the old, One is silver and the other’s gold.” I thought of this song when I decided to share this recipe with you. My friend Mandi in Texas is an “old friend” from 15+ years ago. We reconnected on Facebook

Ten Things I Don’t Regret


I turned 55 years old a couple of days ago. Birthdays are usually a time of reflection and evaluation for me, but I’m not real sure how I got to be in my 50’s.  I feel more like thirty-something. At any rate, since it’s still sort of birthday season, here are the Ten Things I Don’t Regret Doing in My Life So Far, in no particular order: