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Recipe by Request: Chicken Taco Soup


Every recipe has a story, whether it’s about the first time you cooked it, or where you found it.  This recipe is a fairly recent family favorite, although certain family members have very definite preferences about it. I know of one little girl who eats everything but the corn, leaving the golden kernels in the […]

Best No-Bake Cookies


No-Bake Cookies are a family favorite, and we are fairly snobbish about them. We happen to think that we have the best recipe, hands down, and so far nobody has disagreed. They truly are the BEST No-Bake Cookies we’ve ever eaten! Most recipes seem to have a shortage of chocolate and/or peanut butter and then […]

Homemade Toffee


Once upon a time….long, long ago….one of my daughters made this homemade toffee for a friend and sent it to him in a box with other goodies. He really liked the toffee, and eventually he proposed to her. I’m not sure if the toffee had anything to do with it, but it didn’t hurt. This […]

Easy Energy Bites


Many years ago, my sister taught me a song she learned at Brownies, the younger girls’ version of Girl Scouts: “Make new friends but keep the old, One is silver and the other’s gold.” I thought of this song when I decided to share this recipe with you. My friend Mandi in Texas is an […]

Handy Holiday Recipe List


Confession: My recipe cabinet is only semi-organized. The cookbooks stand in a row and there’s a notebook with old cooking magazines inside, but not one of the recipes is computerized or tagged. Random recipes written on loose cards or notes and torn-out magazine pages are stored in a big zip-loc bag. That’s the extent of […]

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix for Chilly Days


Cold, damp weather goes hand in hand with drinking hot chocolate.  It’s the ultimate comfort drink for our family during cool weather.   It is forbidden to drink hot chocolate during warm weather by the Tradition Police (the older children). You have to wait until at least the first official day of Fall to drink the […]