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Snacks, desserts, casseroles and more. Nothing fancy, just real food that families love.

Lingerie Shower for a Bride-to-Be


Tweet Ah, weddings! We’re coming up on our fifth family wedding, as our son Benjamin is engaged to his lovely Melinda. The groom-to-be lives in Oklahoma, ┬áthe bride-to-be lives in Idaho and the wedding will take place in Washington. So when Melinda was able to visit us during Spring Break, we took the opportunity to […]

Easiest Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies


Tweet This is a novel recipe for easy Peanut Butter Cookies. Speaking of cookies, I wish I had a dollar for every cookie I’ve baked over the last 30 years. I know you’re supposed to be efficient and bake cookies in bulk, but we usually make a half-batch at a time and eat them fresh […]

Spritz Pillow Cookies


Tweet Buttery spritz cookie dough with chocolate inside–how can you go wrong? It’s been so long ago that I don’t remember where we got the idea to tuck a little chocolate bar between the layers of delicate spritz dough, but they’ve been a special occasion favorite for years. At some point our family decided to […]

Chocolate Snowballs


Tweet Childhood holiday memories are closely tied to special foods associated with the season. I once asked my children “If we could do only three things to celebrate Christmas, what would you want them to be?” Nearly all of them mentioned special treats like Scotcheroos or Pillow Cookies (recipe coming soon). The good news is […]