Summer Fun and Summer Meals


Summertime and the livin’ is easy….or not.  Many families have a distinct summer schedule that differs from the school year, with a myriad of new activities.  Even if there are no children at home, life takes on a different feel when warm weather rolls around.  Summer affects just about everything, from laundry and meals to […]

Resurrection Rolls for Easter


A few years ago we started a new tradition at Easter time:  making Resurrection Rolls.  We usually make them with the younger girls after dyeing boiled eggs.  Last year things got so busy we didn’t make them until several days after Easter.  See?  No perfection required when it comes to family traditions.   Resurrection Rolls […]

7 Things to Do the Week After Christmas


Christmas is wonderful, but so is the week AFTER Christmas.  It’s a time of reflection, looking forward, decluttering and organizing.  Here’s a short list of ideas for things to do the week after Christmas: Take down Christmas decorations and put them away in time for New Year’s Eve. Put up some new winter décor, like […]

Spritz Pillow Cookies


Buttery spritz cookie dough with chocolate inside–how can you go wrong? It’s been so long ago that I don’t remember where we got the idea to tuck a little chocolate bar between the layers of delicate spritz dough, but they’ve been a special occasion favorite for years. At some point our family decided to call […]

Chocolate Snowballs


Childhood holiday memories are closely tied to special foods associated with the season. I once asked my children “If we could do only three things to celebrate Christmas, what would you want them to be?” Nearly all of them mentioned special treats like Scotcheroos or Pillow Cookies (recipe coming soon). The good news is that […]