Homeschooling at This Lovely Place

Encouragement and practical tips for homeschooling your children, shared from 26 years of homeschooling experience and graduating seven (so far).

A Day of Grace


Tweet It was a bitterly cold, cloudy afternoon. It had been a regular homeschool day, complicated by bad news from the plumber’s visit. Kids had scattered to their rooms and all around the house. The lingering effects of a cold virus threatened to overwhelm me with self-pity. I shuffled into the kitchen to heat a […]

Quick Tip for Happier Homeschool Days


Tweet If you’re looking for a quick tip for happier homeschool days, I bet you don’t have time to read a big, hairy blog post. So let’s keep it short and to the point. This one tweak could save you some stress and help you be more productive and satisfied with your homeschool days. Question […]

Homeschooling: Three Things We’ve Done for 26 Years


Tweet Back when we began homeschooling there wasn’t much available in the way of curriculum. A Beka was reluctant to provide teacher’s manuals to homeschoolers and Bob Jones was just beginning to extend a friendly hand of welcome to individual families. In our first year I attended an all-day workshop on how to teach a […]

Morning Time: Best Way to Start Our Day


Tweet It’s been said that how you spend the first two hours of your day determines how the rest of your day will go. Thankfully that’s not always true, as we can choose at any moment to re-set, think different thoughts, keep calm and get to work. But having a plan to begin the day […]

Homeschooling with Sticky Notes

set and reach goal concept

Tweet Let’s talk sticky notes, one of the joys of visiting an office supply store. These removable wonders come in all shapes and sizes—stars, circles, squares and more. And the colors! We’re no longer limited to pastels (although I actually prefer pastels or light neon colors for most notes). I love the selection but be […]