Perspective for Moms

A Day of Grace

It was a bitterly cold, cloudy afternoon. It had been a regular homeschool day, complicated by bad news from the plumber’s visit. Kids had scattered to their rooms and all around the house. The lingering effects of a cold virus threatened to overwhelm me with self-pity. I shuffled …

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No More Martyr Mom

You know her. She’s wearing the same dowdy clothes almost every time you see her. She looks exhausted and dragged out. She hasn’t changed her hairstyle or makeup since high school….oh wait, she rarely styles her hair or wears makeup. When you politely ask how she’s doing, she …

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What Are You Waiting For?

From the archives: The story happened a few years ago, but the perspective is still needed…. [break][/break] The shopping trip was going pretty well, considering there were ten of us, including two babies and a toddler.  We had found the perfect dress for thirteen-year-old Gracie, who is in …

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Living Backwards

According to the 2000 U.S. Census, the average American family has 1.86 children. Perhaps you, like me, have never figured out how one manages to have .86 of a child. All I know is that we had whole children and a lot of them. It was not in the …

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