Meals for a Crowd

It’s wedding week, on the heels of a funeral weekend. We currently have a dozen houseguests, in addition to the seven of us who live in our home. That’s two families of five and one young married couple….who are visiting for more than a week. Twelve + seven …

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Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

If there was a prize for most-often-served Sunday dinner, spaghetti would win at our house. It’s simple, quick to throw the sauce into the crock pot before Sunday School, and pleases almost everyone. Not only that, it serves a big crowd (or makes a good amount of leftovers …

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Easy Enchilada Casserole

The night before our wedding, my mother-in-law gave me a special gift. It was a little blue notebook filled with handwritten recipe cards, detailing my new husband’s favorite childhood recipes. Over the years I cooked (nearly) every recipe in that little book, and it has the spatters and …

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