Free Home Guide

The Happy Home Backup Plan

How to Keep Home Right Side Up

When Life Feels Upside Down

“Fortunately, most of the time, life runs on the rails of ordinary days. We have our schedules and to-do’s, and the household chores and children’s activities keep us predictably busy. But everyone experiences life events, expected or unexpected, that throw off the routine and cause stressful situations.
Meanwhile, laundry waits for no one. Your family has a way of getting hungry even though you just fed them a few hours ago. No matter what crisis hits, home management must go on.
Having some systems in place before life events definitely helps, but even if you face a crisis feeling unprepared, it’s not too late to get a handle on the situation.”
                                                                           ~ from The Happy Home Backup Plan
Free Guide includes:
  • Essentials to keep your home running smoothly when the unexpected happens
  • Quick and easy tips for laundry and meals when time is short
  • Simple chore systems for children so you’ll get some help
  • What to consider when simplifying your schedule
  • How to stay calm and controlled during stressful times