Handy Holiday Recipe List

Confession: My recipe cabinet is only semi-organized. The cookbooks stand in a row and there’s a notebook with old cooking magazines inside, but not one of the recipes is computerized or tagged. Random recipes written on loose cards or notes and torn-out magazine pages are stored in a big zip-loc bag. That’s the extent of my recipe organization, but it has worked for many years so it’s not likely to change anytime soon.

Of course there are times when I just cannot find a certain recipe. Someone forgot to put it back in the bag, or maybe it got thrown away in the kitchen cleanup. I’m here to spare you the cyber-equivalent of searching through cabinets and drawers for a lost recipe.

Here’s your handy-dandy guide to some of the holiday recipes shared here on the blog:

Hot Pretzels (Make these as spicy–or not–as you want! Great finger food to offset sweets.)





Scotcheroos (Our all-time favorite Christmas goodie! These have even shown up as the groom’s cake at a wedding.)








Peanut Candy (Quick and easy BIG batch for gifts or gatherings.)







Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies (Only THREE ingredients! Pop a chocolate kiss on top to make them holiday-special.)








Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix (one of our favorite gifts for Sunday School teachers, neighbors and friends!)





Easy Caramel Popcorn (Quick to make, delicious delicate crunch. Great gift!)








Homemade Toffee (a tin of this would make a great gift!)







Buckeyes (Chocolate peanut butter balls–an easy candy treat!)






Chocolate Snowballs (Gooey chocolate and pecan balls rolled in powdered sugar)








Spritz Pillow Cookies (Buttery spritz cookies with a chocolate candy bar inside–these are my personal favorite Christmas Eve goodie)








Happy cooking for the holidays!

Comment if you have any questions….

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