Virtual Coaching Especially for Those With More Weight to Lose

What If You Were No Longer Discouraged

About Your Weight?

When you have more than a couple of sizes to lose, let’s face it.  It’s easy to feel like a smaller “you” is the impossible dream.


You’re sick of restrictive diets that don’t fit into real life.
[break][/break]It’s overwhelming to think how far you have to go, yet you still have that tiny hope deep inside.

[break][/break]Dear busy person with plenty of weight to lose,

Do you have a dream of living in a fit and slim body but you give up before you start because it just seems too hard?  Are you too busy to get to the gym and too stressed to follow a strict diet plan?  You’re not the only one.

Maybe for you it seems like the scale only moves in the wrong direction.  You go shopping for clothes and end up in the plus sizes.  Getting from the car to the store leaves you breathless and sweating.

When it’s time to board an airplane you hope there’s no one in the seat next to you because your thighs will bulge beyond the narrow seat.  It’s even embarrassing to get up from the couch because you have to shift and scoot until you can push yourself up to stand.

How do I know this?  My name is Charlotte Siems and I’m a mom of twelve (yes, 12) who lost over 100 pounds and 9 sizes in my late 40’s, at a time of life when most people are struggling with weight gain.

 I had been overweight (well, obese) for many years and I felt hopeless to change.  I weighed 258 pounds and had 52” abs.  I looked pregnant all the time and it was embarrassing.  When I finally found an exercise program called T-Tapp, I started a journey from a size 22W to size 6 and never looked back.

I’m here to help you make your dream of a fit body come true.  There are a lot of people and “experts” out there who claim they have the secret to easy weight loss.

But how many of the experts actually achieved massive weight loss—or kept it off for any length of time?

Wouldn’t you rather learn tips and strategies from someone who has “been there, done that?”  Let me show you how.

When was the last time you stuck with a diet or exercise program long enough to see a difference?

You and I both know that a 6-day-a-week, hour-long session at the gym isn’t going to happen for most busy people.  You’re probably not interested in a career in body-building, and you don’t even want to work towards a size 2.

You don’t live to exercise and you certainly don’t want a 20-something trainer yelling at you to do a million crunches.  You just want to look great in your clothes and get back the body you used to have.

Maybe you’ve tried every diet on the planet.  Maybe you’ve gotten started with exercise, done too much too fast and worn yourself out—then felt like a failure because you couldn’t keep it up.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

If you’ve ever given up after slow results, everyone does this from time to time.  It’s not too late to push the reset button in your life.


When you have more than the average amount of weight to lose it’s going to take work and time, but deep down you already know that.   The key is to make it doable for your busy life, in small steps that don’t overwhelm you.

The Renew Me Virtual Coaching Program lays out the steps for you.

Support often spells the difference between failure and success.

What makes this program different?  It was completely written and designed by someone who understands the struggles of being obese.  I share the secrets I discovered along the way to reaching my dream size (and staying there).

Imagine how great you’ll feel about yourself when you look back on two whole months of consistent exercise and self-care.  Just imagine zipping those smaller pants and smiling when people ask you what you’ve been doing?!

If you want daily hour-long phone calls, three-page coaching emails and expensive in-person private sessions, this is probably not the program for you.

But if you mostly want daily messages to teach and inspire you, plus friendly, brief videos to keep you motivated, you’ll like this system just fine. If you’re okay with having several schedules to choose from and the option to go through the program all over again whenever you choose, this coaching method will be a good fit with your life.

Remember that this program is geared especially toward people with more than a few sizes to lose.  How to know if you qualify?  I’ll let you decide:  for some that means 20 pounds, for others 100 pounds.

Renew Me Virtual Coaching gives you access to expert advice:

    • What successful, happy people think and talk about most of the time.  Day 8.
    • How to lose weight eating hamburgers, French fries and ice cream.  Day 35.
    • How to avoid burnout so you keep up your new lifestyle—the rest of your life.  Video Day 21.
    • A secret that will exponentially increase the likelihood of reaching your goals.  Day 47.
    • The big shift in thinking that is a key for massive weight loss.  Video Day 31.

The program is designed for busy lives and realistic consistency so the schedules are based on short T-Tapp workouts: the MORE workout OR Basic Workout Plus together with Step Away the Inches OR the Total Workout (divided into doable-length workouts).  You choose which workout and schedule you prefer.

If you need to order a workout or wait until next week to start, no problem! You can purchase the program, download the e-book and then wait until you are ready to activate the email portion. Just bookmark the page and activate the program when you want to begin. Make it work with YOUR life and YOUR schedule–in the privacy of your home!

Yes, Charlotte!  I’m ready to Renew Me!
[break][/break]I am ready to invest in myself.  I’m not willing to wait any longer

to take care of myself and I’m ready to take action now!


  • A 28-page e-book, Renew Me Virtual Coaching, with workout schedules, instructions and convenient forms to help you stay organized and on track
  • Sixty days of emails full of inspiration, T-Tapp tips and valuable insights
  • Every 3rd day, a link to a coaching video of Charlotte sharing the secrets to create healthy, winning habits.
  • How to remove mental blocks to success.
  • Bonus worksheets and articles to cement your learning.
  • Program approved by Teresa Tapp!


Get started NOW for only 97.00
for two full months
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