What NOT to Do When You Start T-Tapp

Have you seen the TV show where the two stylists go through someone’s wardrobe and get rid of everything that is not flattering?  Usually the person had no idea that their clothes didn’t do anything for their coloring and figure, and they’ve been heedlessly wearing them for years.  It would have been nice to have the stylists’ help when they first started building their wardrobe!
It can be the same with T-Tapp.  You might have no idea that what you’re doing is not the most effective way to lose inches and stay consistent, and an experienced T-Tapper can offer some advice, fashion and otherwise.
What NOT to do:
Get confused about how to start.  You have three basic choices: 
Basic Workout Plus – T-Tapp’s 15-minute wonder.  I got most of my results with this workout (or variations of it), but I also did Total Workout.
Total Workout – Even if you start with Basic Workout Plus, it won’t be long before you’re curious about the rest of the story.  Total Workout includes a Basic Workout Plus DVD with Instructional #1 and Total Workout DVD with Instructional #2.  The Total Workout is known as the meat and potatoes of T-Tapp, with great core-building and balance-building exercises.
MORE – This workout is great for those with more to lose, more birthday candles and more health issues.  A bit slower, fewer reps on most moves—but still gives inch loss and great health benefits.
One other variation is The Total System, which includes Basic Workout Plus, Total Workout, and the skin brushing system with supplements to help tighten your skin as you lose inches.  This is what I purchased to begin T-Tapp, along with the book Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes so I got 30% off my order!
Burn out by being all-or-nothing.  Sure, take advantage of your enthusiasm at first.  But if you find yourself skipping workouts because you’re exhausted or you just don’t have time for 45 minutes, be realistic and cut back.  Four short workouts done in a week beats a long workout not done because you dreaded it or couldn’t fit it in.
T-Tapp barefoot or in cheapo or broken down shoes.  The feet are the foundation of fitness!  T-Tapping barefoot is actually more challenging to keep good form, and form gives the results.  Save the barefoot workout for later when you’ve been Tapping for a while and get the Barefoot Basic DVD.  Good, supportive crosstrainers with a wide toe box are essential.  Many T-Tappers (including me) recommend Skechers Energy 2250. 
Try to change your diet at the same time.  Teresa Tapp doesn’t recommend that you change your eating at all in the first month of T-Tapp.  One change at a time, please.  Too many changes at once can overwhelm you to the point of giving up.  I personally started my inch loss journey with T-Tapp rather than a diet.
Skip the basics.  Start with the Instructional workouts.  They teach the form and yes, you need to hold the stance while Teresa talks.  That will help build the mind-to-muscle connection and endurance.  Do the Instructional at least 4-5 days before you move on to the workout.  Then go back and do it again once a month.  And did I mention starting with the Instructional workout?
These are just a few tips on “what NOT to do” when you get started with T-Tapp.  Get going, stay consistent, and you might just find that you need to watch that TV show to get ideas for when you buy an entire new wardrobe!
Please leave a comment below (especially if you have a question!)


  1. Augustus1122 says

    I curious about your comment about not changing diet, are people really able to reduce inches while continuing to eat exactly as they normally do?

    • CharlotteSue says

      Many, many people have lost inches without changing their eating.  I lost 37″ in the first couple of months of T-Tapp without dieting.  After four months I began to eat only between hunger and fullness and went on to lose 100 pounds.  Because I had so much weight to lose I did need to address my eating.  

  2. Kristine Mullen says

    First I want to say it was your video testimony on that inspired me to start t-tapp. I just finished my bootcamp and lost 15+ inches. To answer the previous question from Augustus1122, Yes you can! I actually ate worse during my bootcamp because of my daughters’ dance rehearsals, classes, and recitals going on during that time. I look forward to even more results now that my diet will not consist of eating out 4 times in one week :). Not to mention after 3 days I had no more hip pain (I’ve had it daily for 5+ years) and my bladder issues seem to have disappeared too!

    Thank you for the great tips. With many children (I know you can understand) I think I will be better off with 4 – 15 minute workouts, than a 45 min one. I’m so excited about this journey.

  3. Pandabera says

    Charlotte,  I was wondering if the shoes that you buy for your workouts (skechers) are only used for working out or do you wear them all day also while doing chores and anything else that comes along that day?  I recently bought my first pair of skechers online and my everyday shoes get worn out quickly when worn for workouts and every day life so I don’t know if I should “save” the sketchers for just workouts or??? I know silly question but at $50.00 or so a pop I want to save them for what they were intended if that is the best> :0)  Thanks!

    • CharlotteSue says

      My Skechers are only on my feet when it’s time to workout!  I take them in a bag when I go somewhere else to teach a workout.  I replace them once or twice a year even if they still look good, because the support does break down and I can tell a difference when I get a new pair.  

      • Andaleeb says

        hello dear! m a new bee and just started with BWO+ its my 3rd day really excited to see my results.. I wanted to know can i have my dinner or lunch after doing t-tapp? as my working hours are like that I cant do t-tapp empty stomach.. so can u tell me if i can eat post workout then how long i should wait after having my food to perform t-tapp? plz reply me ASAP.


  4. Patrice says

    Charlotte – I am better at shorter (15 minutes or so) workouts. Will this get me the wanted/needed results? In addition to BWO+ I’ve been doing SATI and purchased the MORE dvd. I hope I’m on the right track. Thanks for being such a giving person when it comes to T-Tapp!

    • CharlotteSue says

      Mmm–depends on your fitness level, health, ability to activate muscle, how many sizes you want to lose, etc.  If you have adrenal fatigue, definitely stick with shorter workouts.  I did have a season where I did long workouts 1-2x week, one Total Workout bootcamp and one Tempo Arms bootcamp and I think that benefitted my body.  It might take longer to reach your goal with only short workouts but I have no doubt that you will still be way better off with short workouts than NO workouts! 

  5. Heidi says

    I have three boys now and I desperately want a girl! I love my kids wholeheartedly but I need to lose this weight (I’m 240) before I even think about it. I just bought the basic by clicking on your link. When I want to buy more workout, is there a more affordable way to do so?

  6. Aimee J says

    I have some chronic auto-immune disorders as well as fibromyalgia AND CFS AND suffer from lots of joint issues including herniated disks, knee and elbow problems – all of this makes working out VERY painful and I find myself working out for a few days and then getting to the point where I can barely move without crying so I give it up – anyway, I was wondering if you thought this would be a good workout for me? I need to loose at least 100 lbs to be where I want to be but I’m really mostly looking for something that will help to improve my joint problems and help me to feel stronger. Where should I start?

      • Charlotte Siems says

        I would recommend that you begin with either MORE or Healthy Hormones Menopause Management. Do what you can, even if it is just a few moves. Frequent water breaks are important when you have the inflammation of fibro going on. Listen to your body. You may need to take two days off between workouts.

        • Anonymous says

          I’m 41 and have had rheumatoid arthritis for 23 years. I have the MORE dvd and the only trouble I have is it does seem to strain my knees. ( my knees are really bad, my rheumatologist is trying to hold of replacements till I’m 50 because I will not be able to have them redone when they wear out) anyway, I’m sure it’s because my stance isn’t quite right. I am slightly “knock kneed” in that my legs curve inward to the knee a bit then out toward the ankle. Im not horribly overweight ( 5’4″ and 155) but i think that if i really put my feet in line with my hips my knees will be touching( while standing straight) could that be right? ive been keeping them farther apart but am thinking mybe thats whats causing the knee strain. Can you give me any advice on ensuring proper stance?

          • Charlotte says

            Bring your feet in a little closer. Make a mitten with your hand. If you placed your hand on the floor between your feet, you’d want your index finger and pinkie finger touching the inside of your shoes. If extra weight makes it to where you can’t get them that close, go to your point of position. To take pressure off your knees, shift weight in heels. This will engage your core, too. Many of us tend to walk with weight in the front of our feet. Try walking with weight in heels and see if that helps.

  7. says

    Charlotte, I praise God for your testimony. I was skeptical after seeing a different ad for T-Tapp, but after watching you and then showing the testimony to my husband, I was convinced! I bought the Total System and I’ll be starting this wk. I made my husband promise to T-Tapp with me if he saw the results, so wish me luck! ^_^

    • Charlotte says

      You go, girl! Get started, keep it doable and stay consistent! Your husband is going to be joining you before you know it!

  8. Lisa Lewis says

    I am also a homeschooling mom and it is so hard to fit the time in but I do my best to do the Basic + 3-4 times a week. I have been ttapping since September and have lost a total of 35 minutes. I plan on trying Barefoot Basic this week. I feel like I have hit a stand still. I haven’t lost anymore inches in about a month. Is this normal?

    Thank you


  9. Charlotte says

    Hi Lisa, Woo-hoo on 35″!!! It is normal to have plateaus. I hit a plateau and was stuck in a size 18W for three months! After that the inches came off quicker. I think T-Tapp was doing some rehabilitation on the inside during that time. Barefoot Basic will turn up the heat, just pay careful attention to the foot position. Don’t try to do the rest of Total Workout barefoot–even Teresa Tapp says she can’t do it barefoot and keep good form!

  10. says

    Charlotte, Thank you for sharing! I have a confession and question. First, the confession. I’m scared! I need to loose 100 lbs and have “tried everything”. I feel like T-Tapp is doable, but still the fear of failing again is there. Question. WHERE do I start. You have mentioned the total system and various other videos. I want to give myself the best possible chance for success, so I thought I’d ask. Thank you again for sharing your journey. Tears have rolled down my face as I have read and hoped this can be my testimony as well. Blessings to you!

  11. Charlotte Siems says

    Katie, You can do it! Don’t focus on that fear. Action cures fear, so get a workout and get going! Which workout to start with depends on your health and other situations. I bought the Total System, then started with Basic Workout Plus and the skin brushing and alfalfa. You might want to start with MORE if you have some health issues. Either one is good and will give inch loss. Read here to learn more: http://charlottesiems.com/how-to-get-started-with-t-tapp

  12. rachel says

    hi I have been doing the basic workout.every other day for two weeks now and so far no inches lost. I do see quite a bit of muscle tone forming. should I be doing the basic workout every day to see inches lost?

  13. says

    Dear Charlotte, I am in the same boat with Katie. I am scared but excited at the same time that this could finally be possible. I stumbled onto the T-Tapp website last night for the first time after hearing from my sister about “some woman with 12 kids, who lost over 100lbs”. I had to check it out.

    I am 42, a mother to 10 children and I weigh a little over 270 pounds!! I have tried so many things over the years that I haven’t had the courage to ask my husband if I can purchase the system yet. After seeing your testimony and reading your story I finally ended up hear on your website. Our lives seem so similar (with mothering, homeschooling, etc.) I feel like I need to do exactly what you did. I know we all have different bodies and our own story but I can’t tell you how hopeful I am having seen you. You are the first REAL person I have ever heard of remotely in my situation to share REAL success. I honestly began to believe that this was impossible for me. I don’t think I can buy your virtual training (although that seems ideal) AND the actual program form T-Tapp, but I am so excited to gather all the tips I can from here and your other posts.

    Thank you so much for sharing

    and Katie, I ditto everything you said about fear and wanting to get started right. I can tell there are probably many kindred spirits visiting here and needing support and encouragement.

    Charlotte do you think they will still honor the 30% discount when you buy the book? Like I said I am really wanting to copy you as much as possible :-) by having all the right tools to get the best possible results.

  14. Charlotte Siems says

    Rachel, you could have several things going on–muscle swelling or form issues. It can take a while to develop the mind-to-muscle connection. Instructional #1 is the place to start. Do it at least 4-5 times before moving on to the workout. The forum has many resources to help with form and ask questions, so I recommend starting there. :)

  15. Charlotte Siems says

    Hi Maggie, yes there IS hope! You’re probably very busy, so keep it doable, but take advantage of your motivation to get started. You’ll still be able to use the 30% coupon from the book later, so don’t worry about that. Plug in to the T-Tapp forum for support and encouragement. Welcome to T-Tapp!

  16. irene says

    looking forward to beginning…i have lost over 100 #s and struggle to keep it off..need to lose those last 20#s thanks…i

  17. Andry says

    hi Charlotte

    I live in Cyprus and cannot get total workout dvd ,,,, i only the fit and fabulous book , which i find very difficult in following instructions.

    i have been on website and done the “try before you buy ” but i am confused as to the series of excercies

    is there any way i can order online with delivery to Cyprus and ofcourse will they dvd work in this part of the world.


    • Charlotte Siems says

      Hi Andry,
      Call the T-Tapp office at 877-827-7348 and see what they can do. The T-Tapp forum also has some resources for working with the Try Before You Buy exercises. Best wishes!

  18. Dee Dee says

    Charlotte, your testimony is amazing and you are beautiful!! I am not overweight–I weigh 117 llbs. and I am 5’5″. However, I am 51 years old and I don’t feel strong or supple anymore. Can you advise me about what to do to get leaner and have a better silhouette? I, too, have a son’s wedding coming up in July… Thanks.

  19. Charlotte Siems says

    Aww thanks! I started with Basic Workout Plus and that would probably be a good one for you. Click on the T-Tapp link in the menu at the top of the page and there’s a page on “How to Get Started with T-Tapp”–that should help!

  20. Krista says

    Hi Charlotte,

    Since January 2012, I’ve started T-Tapp twice now but each time, after about 7-10 days I just abruptly quit. Either I get sick with upper respiratory junk (possibly allergies?) or I start my monthly cycle (which comes with extreme PMS) or some crisis happens in my family (financial and otherwise) or I get some sort of mental block or something! Can you offer any advice to press on through this sort of JUNK?

    I very humbly ask that y please don’t say the forums as I find them too chatty and often off-topic. I don’t have time in my life to “chat” on the internet. I’m sorry if that sounded rude and harsh. It’s just that I get frustrated when I go there because I’m looking for something like a forum on exact instructions and “how to’s” for God made vs. man made and some gal is chatting about her sick cat! LOL Poor thing probably needs someone to chat with but I just can’t give my valuable time to that. :)

    I really am a believer in T-Tapp! I felt so good when I was doing it but I can’t get any motivation to start again. I don’t want to be the same quitter I’ve always been.

    Thank you for any advice. Thank you for being such a great example.


    • Charlotte Siems says

      Hi Krista,
      There are a couple of things I thought of: 1) Keep your schedule doable. If you can’t face the thought of doing even 15 minutes, then do 10 minutes. It’s better than nothing, believe me. I was careful to make sure I didn’t get mentally burned out on T-Tapp. If I couldn’t stand the thought of doing it, I didn’t. Usually after a day or two I was over it and started back up, no problem.

      2) You have to be careful about thoughts and words. If you associate T-Tapp with pain and “too hard” and “I don’t have time,” you’ll avoid it. Why would you want to do something that is painful and hard and time-consuming? The quickest way to change your belief is to change your words. Say things (out loud, to yourself, in a room by yourself if need be, lol) like “I feel great!” or “T-Tapp is so good for me!” or “I can’t wait to T-Tapp and feel better!” We are not prisoners of our random thoughts, we have a choice. Thoughts—>Emotions—>Attitudes. You can tell what you’ve been thinking by the emotions you’re feeling. Along the same lines, don’t dwell on how far you have to go. Think about where you want to be. All the small choices add up.

      Hope this helps!

  21. Gale says

    Hi Charlotte:

    Enjoyed your email, and feel encouraged.

    I am 62, started last year the 15 Minutes Plus workout. I like it and feel more energized.

    I am off and on, but want to loose 15-20 and tone up my body. Any suggestions? Other than what I have already read. I am active, but I like sugar and eating at night! Which is my downfall. I make shakes or green juices every morning, and raw veg soups for lunch. So we eat healthy. I just want to loose and firm up. I find the Basic 15 Plus a good workout, should I be doing something else. I want to strengthen and get my metabolism going. I am sleeping better since starting T Tapp again a month ago. Looking for someone in the area of Edmonton to connect with to keep motivated with others. I find that helps me. Thanks for listening. Gale.

  22. Gale says

    Hi Charlotte,

    I just read more about you and saw the video. I am AMAZED! You are amazing and what a journey you have been on. It is not easy being a mom, and 12 children, that will one day rise up and call you Blessed! What an example to all mothers out there! Homeschooling is the biggest challenge out there and you did it! Praise God.

    Blessings, and Hugs,


  23. Andrea says

    Hi Charlotte,

    What a wonderful, inspiring story! You have convinced me to give it a try.

    I have never t tapped and I know that it is advisable to start with Basic Plus, but I only have access to Barefoot Plus. In your opinion, could one start with Barefoot, as long as they followed the instructional workout beforehand?

    Again, thank you for sharing your story.

    • Charlotte Siems says

      Hi Andrea,
      You know, you could start with Barefoot Plus, but WEAR SHOES! Don’t try to do it barefoot–that is actually more advanced. It would be better to start out with shoes, for several months.

  24. Frances Ortega says

    Hi Charlotte,

    I have had my throid taking out about 5 years ago and with that time I have gained about 40 pounds, that I would like to lose. I have tried to exercise but sometimes feel very tired and not motivated. I have gotten to a point where I have given up on trying to lose. Can you please tell me where I should start. I carry alot of my weight in my belly, and sometimes to me I look pregnant. Please give me some insight.

    Thank you

  25. becky says

    Today I heard about T-Tapp for the first time when Teresa appeared on PBS Television. I recently turned 64 and noted that all my life I was blessed with a slim body, no weight problems and good genes (I’ve always looked at least 7 years younger) but now all that has changed. In the last 5 years I’ve had a weight gain of 50 lbs. and I’m left so depressed. But after watching Teresa, I have new hope and know that this was a God sent. To confirm my decision to go with T-Tapp, I looked into the website where I found your testimonial and was really encouraged. Now I’m ready to move forward with a happy and healthier lifestyle. I’ve decided to purchase the BWO+ but need to know if in your opinion this is the right direction for me. I’m physically healthy but do have high cholesterol. How do I order this DVD? I want to add that God has put you in the right place in sharing your personal challenges and inspiring others to persevere. Bless you and I look forward to your reply.

    • Charlotte Siems says

      Hi Becky,
      T-Tapp can help so much with improving your metabolism, digestion and assimilation–not to mention helping your body’s glucose management, which is a key to reshaping the midsection area. You might consider beginning with the MORE workout, for those with more health issues, more birthday candles and more weight to lose. It’s a little slower, making it easier to *get* the form. You can definitely lose inches with this one, too. It also has some variety workouts, such as a Chair workout and Broom workout. You can order and read more here: http:charlottesiems.com/t-tapp in the “How to Get Started With T-Tapp section”–just follow the links. I am SO grateful I found T-Tapp when I did–it truly changed my life!

  26. Naomi says

    Thank you so much for this encouragement. I stared T-Tapp about 11 days ago and have not seen the results that I was hoping for (but I AM seeing results). I see that consistency is key and that I am doing other things wrong (like doing it barefoot). Thank you!

    • Charlotte Siems says

      Hang in there, Naomi! T-Tapp is a progression and since we’re working with a human body we can’t always predict the results. Carry on!

  27. ANITA says

    It’s been a very long time since I’ve Ttapped. I started when there were only VHS tapes and Teresa had only one certified trainer. I went to two session where Teresa taught form pointers. This program really worked for me. I went from a size 6 to a 2 with a scale loss of 3lbs. Biggest changes were inch loss from my waist and hips. So, I know these work. This is why I still own the program. However, it’s the dread factor that got me about 6 months later. I could NOT do it anymore. I tried variety, but it wasnt enough. I own quite a bit of her other workouts, so I do not want to spend much money to replace all my VHS to DVDs.

    I would like to start back up. What is basic workout plus? This might help me stay focused if I mixed it in with the total body workout. I see that she has added new things, but for now I need to get started again first before going crazy adding to much.

    • Charlotte Siems says

      Hi Anita–Wow, you’ve been around a lot longer than me! Basic Workout Plus is the first 15 minutes of the Total Workout. It also includes a DVD with Basic Tempo, which is a little different version of BWO+ since the first four reps are slow and the last four to speed. You might also consider one of the newer workouts like Healthy Hormones Menopause Management. And Broom 2 is a full-body workout in 13 minutes!!

  28. Renee says

    It was your testimonial that initially convinced me to purchase the DVDs. I started with instructional for Basic, but by the time I got the form down several workouts/days later, I got a really bad (rare for me) migraine that lasted for days with a 5 day postdrome. It was weeks before I was really feeling better, but by that time, the DVDs were in a drawer and I forgot about my motivation.
    I pulled them out about 6 months later and started again with the instructional, but by the fourth workout, I was sicker than a dog with the flu. Again, the DVDs went in a drawer for over a year.
    I pulled them out last week again, determined not to quit this time… and wouldn’t you know? After the second workout, I have just the most severe cold I ever remember having, and my energy levels are so low all I want to do is sleep.
    I know this must sound strange, but I thought I’d check and see if you’ve ever heard of this happening to anyone else? I get really sick just about every time I make it through Basic two or three times. I’ve always heard people say they feel great after working out, and that’s never been me, but this is the only workout that makes me literally sick! I want to think that maybe it’s a good thing and that I should stick with it because it’s making me better, but I also worry that maybe it’s just too much for my troubled system to handle.
    On the plus side, even just doing the basic workout 2 or 3 times, each time my pants fit better almost overnight! I really want this to work! Any suggestions?
    (I tried to register on the forums last time this happened and I got denied ?!)

  29. Charlotte Siems says

    Hi Renee–it is entirely possible that you are experiencing a type of detox. You might have a lot of inflammation in your body and T-Tapp is designed to pump out lymph and toxins. I am so sorry you’ve had such difficult reactions! You might try extra water throughout the day and an Epsom salt bath. Just throw a couple of handfuls of Epsom salts in a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes, then shower off to remove the salt. They can help you detox a little faster. If you still can’t register on the T-Tapp forum, give the office a call. Website security is very strict at T-Tapp, which is a good thing, but can make it tricky to use sometimes (the office number is 877-827-7348).

  30. says

    Hi, Charlotte. I’m a little confused about how exactly to do T-TAPP. Okay, so at least I know now that I should do the instructional video for 4 days. But after that … what? Do I do it every day? Every other day? Seems like I’d heard somewhere that you do it so many days in a row and then every other day, but I can’t seem to find the details anywhere. I’m really excited about this, especially after reading your blog. I have 100 pounds to lose. I’m 53. Only 5 kids, so if you lost 100 pounds with 12 kids, surely I can do this, too. I had knee problems and lately my legs have been hurting (not just my knees) so much that I can barely walk. This came on suddenly about 3 weeks ago. I know this sounds funny to say, but other than that, I’m in great shape. I bought the MORE program. Watched the seminar DVD, Yes You Can, today. Did the exercises she taught on that. And MY LEGS DON’T HURT. Wow. I can walk and everything. Wow, wow, wow. So yeah, I’m in. Just don’t understand if I’m supposed to do it every day or what. Thanks!

    • Charlotte Siems says

      Hi Alyce-Kay, Congratulations on getting started with T-Tapp! You do start with the Instructional (and the MORE Instructional is long so you can break it up if you need to), then do the workout every day or every other day. Here’s where you listen to your body and see how you’re doing. Take at least one full day off per week to allow your body to rest and repair. MORE is safe to do every day. You can mix and match the shorter workouts for variety. For instance, do Chair followed by Step Away. Or just do Chair on days when you’re tired or pressed for time. I hope this helped–you’re on your way!

  31. Donna Buhrig says

    Good morning,

    I have been trying to get into the t tapping website, but it won’t load. Luckily I googled t tapping and found your wonderful website.
    I have been t tapping for 2 weeks and have lost several inches. My problem is my pelvic wall. It seems to be weakening. What am I doing wrong?

    • Charlotte Siems says

      Hi Donna,
      T-Tapp’s website has very tight security to protect customer information, so if your computer has any kind of virus it won’t let you get on. You can call the office at 877-827-7348 to see if they can help.

      When you hear “tuck butt” this is more than tightening buns. You might be bearing down slightly when you try to do it. Instead think to press the lower back flat. The pelvis will rock forward slightly, but you think to suck in belly button to spine, and think ”up” with the organs. The Organs in Place move on the DVD that comes with the book Fit and Fabulous in 15 MInutes would be good for you.

      Hope this helps! Congratulations on getting started with T-Tapp! :)

  32. Karen Wicker says

    hi it’s nice to see someone that was in the same shoes..i loved reading all the comments and so many are in the same boat..i have lost and gained so many times it’s pathetic..i am 52 and 5 foot and weigh about 264..no matter what i do it doesn’t come off..i have spinal stenosis,bulging disc and arthritis in my back..osteoarthritis in my knees and ankles..bursitis in my hips..my ankles and feet stay swoll up all the time..drs have put me on different diets ranging from 800-1500 calories..followed but no weight loss..i am also hypothyroid..walking sometimes is difficult..i want so much to lose weight and get fit..i am tired of failing..i want o do this as it sounds like it could be doable for me,but like some others i guess i am scared of starting and then failing..should i do the workout everyday or a few times a week..i have to get mine ordered..is there some smaller videos to do until the dvd comes in?/thank you and you are an inspiration to a lot us..it helps to talk to someone to has been in our shoes..

    • Charlotte Siems says

      Hi Karen,
      The T-Tapp website has Try Before You Buy exercises and those are a great place to start! For me, 4 workouts/week were enough to lose inches, 3 workouts/week to maintain, and 5-6 workouts/week helped me lose inches faster (although I couldn’t maintain that schedule all the time). Remember T-Tapp’s motto: YES YOU CAN!!

  33. Belinda says

    I just received the total workout set. I stumbled across the system 9 days ago while looking for neck traction devices (how weird?) and was intrigued by the number of search engine hits called T-Tapp. I investigated and then went into research mode. I have very very problematic traps and upperback/neck problems. (which explains my searching for traction devices better than the one I already own.) I regularly pull my neck out of alignment by lifting things over my head–did I mention I am 5’0″? Anyway, So far I still can’t post question on the forum so when I read this thread, I decided to ask you my questions about starting the system. I want to do the whole total workout, after reading the book, I feel the total is the best way to go, but the booklet does not explain how to do that. I understand that I need to stick with the instructional video 5-7 days to acclimatize and accustome myself to the moves and work on form. And I understand that the instruction #1 and #2 together comprise the total workout. Do I need to spend 5-7 days doing only instructional #1 and then another 5-7 days doing instruction #2 before a boot camp? or do them in sequence together for 5-7 days? I kinda feel like a kitten trying to decide how to pounce on a big hoppy bug. I am really excited about the rehabitational possibilities these videos represent. I am currently having a horrific bout of tennis elbow (no idea what set it off) and working along with the “Yes You Can” video went wonderfully! No pain! Teresa talked about the “W” being designed to help rehab elbow (if I remember right–Hmmm I need to re-watch and take notes.)
    Ummm, I was already in the middle of changing my diet (to anti-inflammatory diet for better health) but that is a long very slow process, since I am using the Clean Cuisine book and can easily stop and hold at what I am doing right now. Basically–Add more vegetables and whole foods. I started by adding the large salad once a day to my meals and more fruits and veggies to breakfast. but I think your suggestion to take one change at a time is a good one. Now my last question: cross-trainers? with a wide ball of the foot area? I dislike sketchers due to my high arch (they also make industrial work shoes and the arch is uncomfortable, so maybe a different brand.) If you can answer my questions I will be very grateful– and thanks for the advice!

    • Charlotte Siems says

      Hi Belinda,
      You might consider sticking with Basic Workout Plus for a while. Better to learn the form and do a shorter workout you’ll stick with than try to do an hour-long workout and burn out. Make sure your cross-trainers have a wide toe box to allow you to jazz toes. Hope this helps!

  34. Mara says

    Hi Charlotte,
    I’ve read much of your information and how you’ve been blessed by T-Tapp technique.
    The Lord has been merciful and at the age of 50, my comfort idol of food is finally being toppled. The weight is slowly being released, but after a lifetime of wrestling with this, and with having started at 100+ lbs. to take off, you can well imagine that I am not in good shape.
    Several years ago, I purchased “More”. I hurt myself, became discouraged, and gave up. I am so confused as to how exactly to proceed through the workouts. Maybe I’m being dense, but I have never been clear how much of the DVD to do at one time, or if I’m executing the movements correctly. There are no certified trainers within a reasonable distance of where I live, and the forum was confusing to me.
    I just wish I could “put it all together”, as there is so much information and it is overwhelming, I SO want to be in better physical condition and lead a more productive life. I’ve had too many years stolen from me by poor health.

    • Charlotte Siems says

      Hi Mara,
      If you have the MORE DVD, do the 20-minute MORE workout and call it good. Don’t try to run faster and jump higher. Do MORE every other day, or every day if you feel like it. Just keep it doable and stay CONSISTENT. Don’t beat yourself up!!

  35. Dianna says

    Hello Charlotte,
    I am not a T-Tapp hater. There are many nasty people out there who bad mouth a program that simply hasn’t worked for them. So let me say first off that I plan to continue with T-Tapp for two reasons: (1) noticeable decrease in incredibly annoying perimenopausal symptoms and (2) increased flexibility. Let me also say that I find success stories, such as yours, touching and inspiring.
    That said, I have been T-Tapping for about a year with the following results: (1) minimal inch loss (best after one year is almost 1 inch in pecs; otherwise most areas are the same, and very few have reduced, and with most loss being about 1/4 inch, I wonder if it’s just a difference in holding the measuring tape). (2) NO weight loss; in fact about 5 pounds gained overall
    How to explain these dismal results? In the last year, I have done the challenge (from 15 days to about 30) approximately four times, alternating between the 15 minute program, the torso (approx 30 min) and the total work out, for variety. In between, I have continued about 2-3 days a week. Prior to beginning, I read the book and worked with the instructional video. I consider myself quite coordinated, did sports in high school and have continued with a variety of activities (aerobics, yoga, pilates, treadmill) over the years. In other words, my form is not the problem. I have about 35 pounds to lose (had 30 when I got started) and I’m 47 years old.
    Since you seem to be a bit of an expert, and since you seem to keep your blog surprisingly current, I thought you’d be the perfect person to ask for some…any… insight.
    Thanks :)

    • Charlotte Siems says

      Hi Dianna,
      I can understand how you’d be frustrated! My guess is that there are some form issues involved, either with alignment or muscle activation, or both. It’s a progression, not perfection, but when I work with people at a clinic here are some common areas:

      –bring feet in closer together, about four fingers apart
      –“tuck butt” is more than tightening buns, it’s curling the core, pressing lower back flat
      –keep knees bent (most people straighten them as the workout progresses)
      –shift weight in heels
      –lift ribs (this is really good posture, spine as long and straight as possible)

      Of course I can’t tell without seeing you, but this is just my guess. Have you considered working with a trainer through a Skype session or attending an event? I hope that you are able to figure something out so that you get the results you’d like to have!

  36. Diane Lain says

    I started TTAPP with the 14-day Bootcamp since I need to lose more than 4 sizes (unfortunately, I was doing this barefoot!) I had good results! But after the first two weeks, I didn’t jump on getting my food on the food plan, ate terribly, over-ate, and just plain abused my body with food due to stress. I feel like TTAPP was working, but that I ruined it! What do you suggest? I am now on the every two days schedule. Should I re-do the Bootcamp and start over? I have now added walking about 40 min. during the week because it helps me get fresh air, de-stress and sleep better and I want to join a water aerobics class too but KEEP TTAPP going too.

    • Charlotte Siems says

      You did NOT ruin anything! You lived LIFE! And life happens. Bootcamps are not magic–staying consistent is what adds up. You shouldn’t do a bootcamp more often than every 6 weeks or more, and then only when inch loss has stopped or really stalled. I have actually done very few bootcamps in my 7+ years of T-Tapp. Keep your workouts doable. A short workout DONE beats a long workout PLANNED but not done because you’re overwhelmed!

  37. Sandy Lamer says

    Charlotte, I thoroughly enjoyed your Neosho, Missouri seminar, thank you. When I got home yesterday I was trying to remember all of the steps and, wow felt silly , I could only remember to tuck and lift my ribs. I’m getting ready to order my first set of workout tapes and I am excited to get started. Congratulations on your new adventure with Plexus, hope you have continued success.

    • Charlotte Siems says

      It was so great to meet you, Sandy–and I look forward to working with you in Plexus!! Take T-Tapp one day at a time, learn as you go, and you’ll get results!

  38. Shannon says

    Hi! I just started T-tapp and am on my 10th day (5 days of instructional 1 and 5 days of bwo+ and instructional 2) I have gained weight and an inch everywhere after measuring this morning (couldn’t help but want to check measurements after 10 days!) I am very careful to always watch form and tuck, knees out, shoulders back, etc. I eat very clean and healthy. I am so discouraged and was so hopeful. I don’t have much to lose just want to drop one size and be a little more toned but now I feel I’ve gone in the opposite direction. I am sore and I do sweat during the videos so I know I am working muscle, it’s just not seeing the inch loss that everyone talks about that is so discouraging. Any advise to why this is happening? Should I have not done 10 days in a row? I thought starting with a boot camp would help jumpstart :/

    • Anonymous says

      Hi Shannon,
      You probably have several things going on: muscle swelling, inflammation, and possible form issues. As a less-to-lose person, you won’t typically lose inches as quickly as someone with more to lose. I personally don’t tend to lose inches during a bootcamp–I lose inches in the weeks following a bootcamp. Take a day or two off and measure again. We are working with a human body, and can’t guarantee how quickly we lose inches. You could have other health issues going on internally, too. Be patient and consistent, good things are ahead.

  39. Shannon says

    Hi Charlotte, I have another question. I am now 3 weeks in and was wondering if I was doing the schedule right for optimal inch loss. I do the total workout on Mondays, Wednesday’s, and Fridays. And then I do basic workout plus on Tuesdays, Thursday’s, and Saturdays. And then I take Sunday off. Is that a good schedule or can you suggest might work best on my less to lose body? Too much? Not enough? Any advise would be appreciated!

  40. Wendy says

    Hi there. I’ve been doing the basic plus workout for about a week now. Today I’m noticing some pain behind my right knee which almost feels bruised. I’m wondering if this is because if the new ways I’m positioning my body that I’m not used to. I am hypothyroid, estrogen dominant and also in adrenal fatigue. This is my first workout routine in about 6 months. Prior to that I was in the gym for an hour and a half a day 4 days a week. Hence the adrenal fatigue :-( I’ve noticed dinner positive changes already such as reduced joint pain and overall body stiffness. I’m wondering if a seasoned T-Tapper can give me a little bit of information on what my body will go through during this beginning stage of starting the workout? Aches, pains, energy level improvement, milestones etc…. Thanks!

    • Charlotte Siems says

      It’s normal for knees to be a little sore for the first couple of weeks because you are re-tracking muscles and doing movement that they’re not used to. We’re talking discomfort, not pain. Try shifting weight into heels to take the pressure off your knees.

  41. Krystina says

    Hi Mrs. Siems,
    I am wanting to try this T-Tapp workout system, but I just want to know if the 15-minute workout every day will help me out. I have 4 children (the oldest is 5 and the youngest is 5 months) and I find it very difficult to find time to workout with being busy, breastfeeding through the night – which makes me groan to even think of waking up earlier than the kids to exercise for an hour! – and homeschooling the 2 oldest. We want to have more children, but I need to lose 30 pounds to be at a healthier weight to be pregnant again. I don’t have as much motivation as I did after the other babies as I am so tired and there just aren’t enough hours in the day for me to dedicate a lot of time to exercising, although I know I need to. Please help me!

    • Charlotte Siems says

      The Basic Workout Plus (15 minutes) will definitely help you! Even 3-4 times per week will make a difference.

  42. Anonymous says

    Hello and thank you in advance for your help. I have a bootcamp question. I have done TTAPP off and on over the years but have decided to really focus primarily on TTAPP in hopes that it helps with my overall health and fertility. I plan to do the 55 minute total workout for 10 consecutive days as a bootcamp and then switch to every other day (using either Total Workout or Basic Wkout Plus). I have read that people do the instructional 1 and 2 back to back but it would seem to be faster and more doable to complete the 55 minute Total body workout as that is the program that I normally pop in when I do TTAPP.

    Would this be ok for bootcamp?

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