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T-Tapp is the workout I used to lose nine sizes at age 47–going from a size 22W to size 6.

If an exhausted, discouraged homeschooling mom of twelve could do it, YOU can do it!

I’m not a gym rat or exercise enthusiast–but I LOVE T-Tapp! I got started because I read that the T-Tapp Basic Workout Plus was a 15-minute workout. I thought to myself “ANYONE can do 15 minutes.”

I lost 7″in the first week and I was hooked. After two weeks my kids told me “Wow, Mom, you’re not tired all the time anymore!”

I would never, in a million years, have dreamed that I would end up in a size 6/8 or that I would have become a Master T-Tapp Trainer to share T-Tapp with others because I believe in it so much.

So what IS T-Tapp? Read more…

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Me and Teresa Tapp at the 2013 T-Tapp Retreat!