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Nice to meet you here, I’m Charlotte. Married 41 years, mom of 12, Minky to 11, and in our 35th year of homeschooling (10 graduates, 2 to go!).

My heart is to share years of experience with mommas in the middle of homeschooling and making all the home and life stuff work. The ones who usually do pretty good….but sometimes wake up in the morning dreading the day. The moms who happen to see a filtered homeschool moment on Instagram….then compare and despair, feeling never enough.

Hang out with me and find HOPE and fresh perspective, plus plenty of ideas and practical tips! Read more…

How to Stop Feeling Busy All the Time
Handling Stress

How to Stop Feeling Busy All the Time

Being busy is almost a badge of honor these days. It’s fashionable to complain about it on social media, and talk about it with a loud sigh while standing in line with a friend. Believe me, I was skilled in blaming lots of stress on being busy. But after many years of wearing the “busy…

Bedroom Home Office Makeover

Bedroom Home Office Makeover

For years I worked at home in a corner of the living room, at a desk bought from a garage sale. We still had 8 kids at home and the youngest two were preschoolers. I needed to keep an eye on them so I worked in the midst of everything going on. Years passed, we…

Some of Our Favorite Books to Read Aloud

Some of Our Favorite Books to Read Aloud

Reading aloud is one of my favorite parts of family life and homeschooling.  We’ve made many a good memory curled up together with a great book, even during all the years of being interrupted by noisy toddlers and diaper changes. There have been times when my children stared at me when I choked back tears…

Whew! You Found me!

I’m so happy you’re here!

Have you ever gotten so buried in laundry, cluttered countertops, and dirty dishes in your house that you lose sight of how much you love the people who live there?

Does it seem like too much trouble and work to do anything extra to make a meal special or to celebrate a minor holiday, even though you know your kids would love it?

Have you nearly given up on planning and goal setting and dreams because you don’t stick with it anyway, and deep down you don’t think you deserve all of that?

You’re in the right place, my friend. Glad you found the blog.

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