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More balance and peace in your home. Simple systems geared for the homeschool life. Perspective and tools from an experienced mom. Plus help to navigate new seasons of womanhood as kids grow up and life changes.

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Anti-Overwhelm Toolkit for Moms

Go from anxious to calm. A few simple questions will help you know where to start and what to do.

Moms do all. the. things. And taking care of yourself needs to be one of them.

I spent too many years pushing away offers of help, staying up too late, and neglecting my health. Looking back, there could have been more fun, more rest, and more breaks. Let me help you find ways to do that for you, because you truly are the heart of the home. You want to be a whole heart, not a broken one.

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I love to share years of experience with mamas in the middle of homeschooling and making all the home and life stuff work. Hang out with me and find HOPE and fresh perspective, plus plenty of ideas and practical tips! Read more…

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