Travel Diary: 2012 Safety Harbor Retreat

Travel Diary:  2012 Safety Harbor Retreat

by Charlotte Siems

The T-Tapp Safety Harbor Retreat is an event where T-Tappers gather from all over the world to exercise with Teresa Tapp, eat good food, listen to cutting-edge speakers and exercise some more.

It was raining when I arrived at the Tampa airport and I discovered that my luggage had gotten soaked.  After arriving at the Safety Harbor Resort and Spa, my room became a temporary laundry:

We had a nice view from our room:

The first night we gathered in the Baranoff Room.  Many of the participants were winners from the previous 60-day Challenge, and the Retreat began with everyone giving their T-Tapp story:

 Over the next three days we did five workouts with Teresa Tapp:

Teresa is always willing to answer questions and explain form:

Between and after workouts, we listened to awesome speakers like thyroid expert Mary Shomon:

And one of the hilarious favorites, Lifetime TV stars Molly and Cynthia, now known as The Double Divas (from Livi Rae Lingerie in Atlanta, Georgia):

Of course the food was fabulous:

The last night we got to be part of the filming for a new PBS show that we’ll hear more about soon.  Throughout the weekend, T-Tappers were also interviewed by PBS:

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the weekend.  Maybe it will be incentive to join next year’s 60-Day Challenge!


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  1. It really was fantastic! Will definitely be seeing you next year!

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