3 Tips to Survive an Extra-Busy Season of Life

Recently within the span of two months, we moved two hours away, my husband started a new job, a daughter graduated from college, and another daughter got married (uh, in the same weekend).

I’m happy to report that we survived the craziness, but of course it didn’t stop there. We moved right into summer travel and houseguests.

I bet you’ve got a few things going on, too–so let’s take a quick look at three tips to survive an extra-busy season of life:

Manage Your Mind

One of the most important things to manage is your mind. Easier said than done, but here’s an easy way to spot trouble before it takes over: stay aware of your FEELINGS.

Feelings are always a result of your thoughts, so it can be helpful to stop and ask yourself what you’ve been thinking to create these feelings.

If I can do this when anxiety or stress first creeps in, it’s easier to do a reality check (is this absolutely true?) and shift the feelings before they spiral too far.

Make Lists

Make lists. Of everything. This sounds like a no-brainer but even so, I find myself trying to keep too much in my head!

Our brains are awesome problem solvers and terrible storage cabinets.

Should your lists be all in one place? Probably. {insert sigh}

But I use a combination of my calendar, Pinterest boards for ideas for projects and events, the Notes app on my phone, a paper planner and a journal. They all have different functions in my mind. Do what works for YOU!

Be Early

Be early and ahead of time. This could be the #1 biggest problem solver and stress reliever of all the things you could do.

Of COURSE it’s not always possible. But for big upcoming changes and events, anything you can do way ahead of time will leave room for all of the inevitable last-minute things that come up or can only be done at the end.

When you start early, you can do a little at a time each day or each week and it adds up. “Early And Ahead” prevents stress and energizes you with small successes!

Keep these tips to survive an extra-busy season of life in your back pocket for later. Whenever life piles up a season of several big events–or just the regular everyday version of too much to do–these tips could come in handy. Somehow it all ends up getting done, so we might as well move through it as painlessly as possible! 

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