5 Easy Ways to Simplify Meals for Busy Homeschool Days


As part of the team at Hip Homeschool Moms, I wrote this post about easy ways to feed the multitudes during busy homeschool days. Get some ideas and adapt them for your family, then share how you keep up with three meals a day!

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a magical homeschool cafeteria, where someone else planned, cooked, and cleaned up meals? The reality is that homeschool families have to eat, and eat three times a day. Anything that happens three times a day, every day, should have a plan. Here are five easy ways to simplify meals for busy homeschool days:


1)  Do-it-yourself breakfast and lunch, then cook dinner. That knocks out Mom cooking two meals, but who’s counting? Well, busy homeschooling Moms are. This little plan accomplishes several goals: kids learn their way around the kitchen, leftovers get used up, each person is responsible for cleaning his or her own meal preparation mess, and Mom’s brain is saved for other tasks besides planning three meals a day. Just make sure you provide the ingredients for favorite meals. We have eaten cereal for breakfast for the vast majority of our homeschool years. And our five-year-olds learned to stand on a chair and use the griddle to cook a quesadilla for lunch. Most of us underestimate the capabilities of children in the kitchen! Read more at Hip Homeschool Moms…

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