Life happens. It isn’t perfect and maybe it isn’t what we dreamed of. But there is beauty and joy to be found in the everyday. What if we choose to live intentionally, to live as if we value this life?

Have you ever gotten so buried in laundry, cluttered countertops, and dirty dishes in your house that you lose sight of how much you love the people who live there?

Does it seem like too much trouble and work to do anything extra to make a meal special or to celebrate a minor holiday, even though you know your kids would love it?

Have you nearly given up on planning and goal setting and dreams because you don’t stick with it anyway, and deep down you don’t think you deserve all of that?

My hand is raised. This list could fill a few more pages, and I’ve felt all of it.

But over the years I’ve gained perspective and found realistic solutions and that’s why Value This Life was created—to teach you how to:

Make time for family fun, to make memories and create strong ties to home
Find ways to bring beauty to your home with seasonal decorating using what you have
Be a better friend to yourself in your thoughts and self-care so that you’re not always running on empty
Get intentional on how you spend your time
Learn to dream again and make an important shift in your identity, because you’re worth it!

I believe that you can figure out what you want your life to look like….and then use that picture to make decisions and changes so that you begin to live it!

Our Readers write:

I think I’ve been reading your beautiful, helpful posts for the last seven years. Thank you for all of the work you do to help inspire and encourage others!  ~ Toni

It’s been nearly 6 years now, Charlotte, since my first newsletter from you. I’ve drawn so much comfort and support from your lovely blog. I look forward to the breath of fresh air you bring to my life. Thank you always for being you.  ~ Robin S.

I stayed because there is something about you, your attitude, homemaking skills, and perception of family that inspires me to want to make my home a lovely place and love and appreciate the people in my home just a little more. I love your realness. Life is a struggle at times but it’s how you respond to those struggles that makes the difference.  ~ Christine

I feel like you’re a kindred spirit–-so understanding, not judgy, and even though we’ve never met, your blog make me feel like I’m sitting with a friend. You’ve given me much inspiration, and I thank you!  ~ Rhonda

Imagine waking up in the morning with thoughts of gratitude and joy instead of dread and discouragement. Feeling fulfilled and peaceful because you’re doing the things that are important to you and your family.

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Charlotte Siems

{Married 40 years to my pastor}

{Mom of 12, six sons and six daughters}

{Minky to 10 & our family has grown to 31!}

{34 years of homeschool & still going–we’ve graduated 10!}

{Highly successful home business owner}

Hey, I did all of this one baby and one day at a time! Seriously, no perfection or judgment here. I always look for the fastest, easiest way to get stuff done—and then I share it with you!

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