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Hey there, I’m Charlotte Siems—welcome to my blog, This Lovely Place!

Most days you’ll find me at home: reading aloud to our girls, trying out makeup, working at a white desk in a pretty corner of my bedroom, or relaxing with my family and pizza on Friday movie nights (we’re big Marvel fans!). Although home is my happy place, I’ll go anywhere with my husband because he’s my favorite (and he’s a lot of fun!). We’ve done a fair amount of travel in the last few years for work trips and visiting our grown kids….Hawaii, Oregon, Colorado, Florida, Maui….I love them all but home is still my favorite spot. 🙂

Over the years I gave birth to a dozen babies, one at a time. Once I counted how many months I nursed babies and it added up to 17 YEARS. Those babies are now ages 13-36, six sons and six daughters. We’ve grown to a family of 28 and they’re all pretty much awesome. We’ve homeschooled for 32+ years, have graduated nine, and the three youngest girls at home are still livin’ the homeshool life.

I believe that….
….life is too short to live ugly
….even small holidays should be celebrated
….home should be a cozy haven
….and it’s also a great place to run a business.

I continually work on myself, to throw off stuff that covers up who I was created to be. The only reason I can speak life in hard things is because I’ve lived those times.

If I can lighten someone’s load with a shortcut, encourage them when they’re overwhelmed, point the way around mistakes I made, or share with them what works for me, then I’m doing what I LOVE. 

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It’s crazy that I’ve been featured in major magazines like Woman’s Day and For Women First. Once I was mentioned in a homesdchool post on The Pioneer Woman blog and that was pretty exciting. Occasionally I speak at homeschool and women’s events, most recently at the Texas Homeschool Coalition convention and the Oklahoma Women in Agriculture and Small Business conference.

Just for fun, here are five things you might not know about me:

  1. I’ve never been a beauty expert type, but I have a new hobby of learning about makeup for women over 40 and it’s been fun!
  2. We have five very different cats (and one beloved old dog). The good news is that even though we live in the country we’ve never had a mice problem.
  3. I have a super successful home business and actually hold a top rank in the company, which is pretty amazing.
  4. I own (and have recently worn) rose gold sequin Minnie Mouse ears. 🙂
  5. I like pretty office supplies. My stapler and tape dispenser are gold, to coordinate with the pink-and-gold theme of my little office corner. I’m visual and believe that atmosphere is important!

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