Hi I’m Charlotte!

This Lovely Place was created to help you:

  • Figure out some simple systems and organization
  • Make memories with your family and create strong ties to home
  • Be a better friend to yourself in your thoughts and self-care so you’re not always running on empty
  • Get intentional on how you spend your time
  • Learn how your thoughts affect EVERYTHING you do

Starting out as a mom and later a homeschooling mom, I had no idea what I was doing. Let me share some hard-earned lessons and give you all the shortcuts!

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Years of experience to share with you.


Married 43 years and still love him most! Mom of 12 amazing humans (6 sons & 6 daughters), “Minky” to 14 of the cutest and smartest grands.


37+ years of homeschooling, graduated 11, one more still at home livin’ that homeschool life.


Living daily at the feet of Jesus, turning off notifications on my phone, reading real paper books, running a dream-come-true social selling business & decorating with the seasons!

Where this all began…

Long story short….if someone had told me before my wedding that I would someday have 12 children, I would have run screaming in the other direction! There’s a story behind why we have a (very) large family and sometimes my husband tells it. 🙂

Seems like we were pioneers back in the day, with natural childbirth, breastfeeding, and homeschooling. Many people didn’t understand, but we knew what we knew. I made SO MANY mistakes along the way, and still do. I’m right there learning along with you. Good. We’re all humans and we get to do this messy, painful, joyful life together.

some of my favorites


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