T-Tapp Accidental Success Secret

“Lost 100 Pounds!”  “Half Their Size!” 
[break][/break]Magazines are always looking for an eye-catching cover story, and some have an annual weight loss issue.  Before my own weight loss journey, I don’t remember ever picking up one of those issues to read.  As part of my personal avoidance campaign I just didn’t want to think about it.  If I didn’t look in the mirror or think too hard about my size it would go away, right?    Besides, it all seemed a little “too good to be true” or maybe even digitally altered.
[break][/break]When I finally made the decision to lose some weight, it worked well for me to start with exercise, and especially well that the exercise was T-Tapp.  It takes emotional energy to change eating habits and at the time I didn’t have any to spare.  Exercise was a new experience and the novelty was energizing.  Focusing on inch loss rather than weight loss was another plus, as lost inches made more room in my clothes faster than a few pounds. 
Mentally it was a positive shift for me to think in terms of inches.  Weight had a negative connotation of failure and hopelessness in my mind.  Remember, your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between truth and lies.  It accepts the thoughts and acts accordingly.  I had so conditioned my mind to believe that I couldn’t lose weight that, well, I didn’t even try to lose weight.  My theory is that inch loss was a new concept so I didn’t resist it subconsciously.
Along the same lines, reading and focusing on success stories was like thought vitamins for my brain.   Thinking about success and hope kept me from focusing on discouragement and impatience.   Our brains are wired to move towards what we think about.  I’m not saying that you can lose weight just by thinking about losing weight.  But I am saying that we probably don’t realize the power our thoughts have to create our lives. 
That great success book, the Bible, says that “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”  As a woman thinks in her heart, so is she.  When I learned to think in my heart about possibilities and hope and reaching goals I moved towards them.  Sure I had to do the work, but it was definitely easier to stick with my new habits when my thoughts were blazing the trail. 
Whenever I got discouraged, I got back on the trail by watching Meet the Team (on the Basic Workout Plus DVD) or re-reading or studying success stories and photos.  My favorite stories were in the book Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes by Teresa Tapp.  I also made my own little booklets of “before and after” photos from those previously-avoided magazine issues, tearing out that section and stapling it together for my own personal success library. In the same way, I love hearing and reading Plexus success stories because they inspire me and help me encourage others.
I was drawn to the stories of those who had gone before me.  Little did I know that thinking about their success helped me create my own success.  My brain shifted from a focus on impossibilities and overweight and discouragement.  I had already moved towards that and lived in it for many years.  The new horizon held change and new possibilities and so my mind and body moved towards that.  It was like I accidentally stumbled upon a secret for success. 
Try it yourself this week.  Read some success stories in magazines, or take a tour through the T-Tapp website.  It doesn’t matter if the people in the stories or photos  aren’t using T-Tapp or your way of eating.  The visual transformation of people is what can motivate and inspire you. Seeing real people who have made a change in their bodies can give you new thoughts of hope and success.  Now when you move towards what you are thinking, and let your mindset support the work you are doing, the transformation will be anything but accidental.
Have you “accidentally” discovered some tips for success?  Leave a comment to share them with us!

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