A Baby, a Motorcycle and Carb Cravings

A Baby, a Motorcycle and Carb Cravings
by Charlotte Siems
How’s this for a weekend? Woke up at 3:00 a.m. Saturday when the phone rang with the news that my daughter was in labor. Got up at 5:00 to get ready for a T-Tapp clinic in another city (which was, fortunately, the same city where my daughter lives). Picked up my friend Delores to get to the clinic early to set up. Had a tire blow out suddenly on the highway and steered to the side of the road. Waited for another car to be brought to us and planned registration and setup while we waited. Arrived at the clinic a few minutes before it started and set up.
Had a great time with T-Tappers, doing a Basic Workout Plus super s-l-o-w, with lots of form tips and tweaks. Finished the clinic, found out my daughter was being admitted to the hospital. Drove to the hospital and spent several hours as a labor coach and foot massager. Witnessed the absolutely beautiful and amazing delivery of my granddaughter. Celebrated with family and friends, stayed up too late, and took two sons to eat breakfast in the night.
Got up Sunday morning, went back to the hospital. Left at lunch to make it to my son’s last performance in the local community theatre. A few miles from the theatre, car made a funny noise and the engine died. Started walking on the side of the highway to the theatre. Accepted a ride from a nice man riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle.  He promised he wouldn’t kidnap me and I believed him.  I am not making this up. Enjoyed the performance, went home and realized I hadn’t filed two of my son’s income tax returns. Finished the two returns and am heading back tonight to spend the week at my daughter’s house to help with the new baby.
The van tire is fixed, the car is toast and I’m just hoping for a good night’s sleep. Since you’ve read this far, let me reward you with some tips from Teresa Tapp from a post on the T-Tapp forum:
What I do to help stop carb cravings
Well…. in addition to taking a shot of 1/2 dropper of PG, /1/2 dropper of B12+, 1 tsp of lemon juice, in 2 oz of water I do the following T-Tapp sequence:1. assume T-Tapp stance in preparation for T-Tapp Twist Stretch
2. inhale big (4 counts), then twist during exhale until shoulders are square to side wall
3. inhale big again (4 counts), then during exhale lift ribs/set lats, tuck a little deeper, push your opposite knee out more while you twist back as far as you can….looking at back wall.
4. hold this position for 4 counts, then push/pulse 4x and finish with a strong tuck as you return your upper body back to front wall
5. repeat steps 1-4 to other side
6. then do one set of butterflies

This little sequence helps me just as good, if not better than Hoe Downs. Sometimes I do a one set of Hoe Downs afterwards just to make sure to keep those carb cravings away.

I also like to consume 10 almonds along with 4 oz of water mixed with Emergen-C “Immune Defense” (I like the Ruby Lemon Honey flavor) …. sometimes with 1/2 dropper of PG, sometimes not….there’s something about this combination of protein, fat and carbs that zaps cravings away….maybe the 1,000 of vitamin C empowers the combination….tastes good too!

After my weekend, carbs are calling my name. Lifting a glass of Emergen-C to you…Cheers!
Charlotte Siems spent over 25 years avoiding the mirror while managing a busy household and homeschooling her 12 children.  Gaining more weight as the years passed, she ended up exhausted, stressed and 110+ pounds overweight.  After finding the T-Tapp workout system, she went from a tired size 22W to an energetic size 6, which she has maintained for years.  With a heart to help women struggling to regain their figures and their energy, she became a certified fitness trainer.  She was personally certified by Teresa Tapp as a T-Tapp Trainer.



  1. Wow, seems like you had one of those crazy weekends which come now and then:) Congratulations for the newborn baby and the great name her parents chose for her!
    I will definitely try the anti-carb hint:) I guess I’ll need several of them.
    Thanks for this great article!

  2. Ha! The motorcycle ride is beyond awesome – lol…. love it. Congratulations on the new baby. That is definitely one crazy non-stop weekend!

  3. My goodness! That is a jam-packed weekend. I can tell you kept your sense of humor through it all — and that is key! 🙂 The motorcycle ride is the best. You must have been thinking “I might as well jump on, how can things get any worse?” LOL Enjoy your sweet new grandbaby!!

  4. Mom24jewels says:

    I’m sure this is a dumb question but, what is PG? Is this something that is sold through T-Tapp?

  5. Gr8fulmom says:

    Congratulations! And why does it all seem to happen at once? Hopefully, you’ll get a chance to “rest” at your daughters. Not sure about that good night’s sleep, though! 🙂

  6. Charlotte, your description of your latest adventures had me smiling from start to finish. Congratulations on the new grand-baby and I hope that the coming days have a little less ‘excitement’ so you can enjoy her and rest.

  7. Oh my! The best part about those days is telling the story afterward 🙂 Glad you kept your sunny attitude!

  8. Ellen Summers says:

    Congratulations on the new grandbaby! What a crazy weekend – you are amazing. Thanks for your encouraging words and tips.

  9. First of congratulations,as God have gifted you with a baby… Also the Harley Davidson bike ride makes me laugh.as the guy said that he is not going to kidnap you….

  10. T-Tapp Twist is definitely a good energy booster. I haven’t noticed reduced cravings for carbs but I haven’t been overeating them as much. I am really struggling with caffeine cravings. I want my morning cup of coffee so bad. I’ve been trying to eliminate caffeine completely and drink more water. I have been able to stop my daily trip to Sonic Happy Hour for my 44oz Dt. Coke with Vanilla but that morning cup of java sings a sirens song. Excited about my T-Tapp results. I’ve been doing the MORE DVD for 11 days and have already lost 8 inches. WooHoo!!
    Kathy Jo
    Grapevine, TX

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