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  • Leaving Sprouts with Elderberry for travel. Wearing Birkenstocks. Maybe I’m crunchier than I thought. •
#familytravel #familyonthego #birkenstocks #slightlycrunchymama
  • Vintage-style tea towel curtains cheer up the kitchen window when everything is brown outside! Ring clips make it easy to switch towels seasonally, and I’m all about that seasonal decorating 🌱 #charlottesiemsblog #pwmercantile #seasonaldecor #seasonaldecorating
  • No matter what’s ahead, He’s not surprised. Maybe I am...but He’s not. Cancelled flight, changed plans, whatever—the unknown is known.
#charlottesiemsblog #encouragement #anxietybegone
  • Something about these words, “Courage, dear heart” comforts me every time. The words were spoken by Aslan to Lucy on the deck of the Dawn Treader when circumstances looked bleak and impossible. Powerful analogy for moms and other dear hearts.
#charlottesiemsblog #encouragement
  • Love this! Rock your Monday and SHINE!!💕
#charlottesiemsblog #mondaymotivation
  • Mama & daughter, the youngest of our 12 who happens to be 12! Pic taken in a photo booth at her brother’s wedding a few months ago. Honestly, I was dragged into the booth near the end of a crazy fun but long reception, and I was tired. But now this little strip of paper is so precious to me!
#charlottesiemsblog #makingmemoriestogether
  • I’m a sucker for bling. Found this acrylic letter filled with glitter floating in liquid. Fun to shake & watch the sparkles float and gracefully settle. Pretty things make me happy, how about you?
  • Princesses draw girls like a magnet. Is it fascination with the ballgown and crown? 👸🏼
Maybe....but maybe there’s something in all of our hearts that longs for beauty & grace, & being treated like royalty. Don’t wait around, hoping that someone else will. Start by giving yourself grace and rocking self-care like a princess!
  • There was a time—um, like most of my life—when I would NEVER have worn Minnie Mouse ears in public. What would people think? 🤔
People don’t think about us as much as we think they do.
(Do you know the #1 factor that determines whether people will attend your funeral? The weather. And we’re worried about what they think of us??) 🤩
Life’s too short to skip the fun because we’re worried about being judged. Do the fun! 💕 

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