Balancing Evening Activities and Family Time

Sometimes we find ourselves with too many evening activities and not enough quiet evenings at home. The kids get in bed later and later, and it starts to pull everyone into a vortex of exhaustion and fast-food dinners on the run. There are seasons when it can’t be helped: sports and performance practices, dress rehearsals, concerts, church services….and the list goes on. But at some point, especially when we have young children at home, the realization hits and we know it’s time to find a way of balancing evening activities and family time.

Since every family and situation is different, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. This short video offers food for thought on how to make choices when you realize that something needs to change:

Relief could be as simple as saying “No” or making a few tweaks to your schedule. Sometimes the “good” prevents the “best” for your family. Take courage and make decisions for YOUR family, based on what you know in your heart is best. <3

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