Out of Bed and Into Your New Life with T-Tapp

An alarm pierces the silence of the early morning and a middle-aged woman gropes in the darkness to turn it off. She lays in bed for a few minutes, gathering strength to haul herself out of bed.
[break][/break]Getting out of bed requires technique. She places one hand on the nightstand and one hand on the bed for leverage to ease the burden of weight on her knees. The creaking comes not only from the bed, but also from her knees and back. She walks slowly to work out the morning kinks and soreness, groaning with the effort. The woman doesn’t have major health issues, but her weight and lack of exercise is affecting every part of her day.
[break][/break]No matter what occupation we choose, everyday life requires that we move our bodies. In the movie Wall-E, humans have their every need met while they sit in portable chairs. By the end of the movie, the people realize that their sedentary lifestyle has trapped them in the limitations of their inactive bodies.
[break][/break]I was the woman getting out of bed and in some ways, I was trapped, too. Besides the morning slowness I struggled with both sitting down and getting up from chairs. Walking up and down stairs was uncomfortable and hard on my knees. Reaching the bottom shelf at the grocery store was difficult and embarrassing.
[break][/break]Fortunately for us, T-Tapp is known as the ultimate functional fitness workout. It builds a strong, flexible core that enables you to function in daily life–carrying groceries, picking up children and yes, getting out of bed. The key is strength combined with flexibility, and they are both built with T-Tapp’s techniques.
[break][/break]Since I had never aspired to a lifestyle of fitness, when I started T-Tapp it didn’t occur to me that it would affect my daily functioning. Hey, I just wanted to lose a couple of sizes for a wedding. Within two weeks my children were saying to me, “Wow, Mom, you’re not tired all of the time anymore.” All of a sudden I realized I was on to something besides dress sizes. The months passed and grocery shopping became a new experience as I could reach the Kleenex box at the back of the bottom shelf. Getting in and out of the car was no longer an ordeal. My new state of fitness impacted me in unexpected and exciting ways.
[break][/break]It’s one thing to read about all of the health reasons for exercising. It’s another thing to live it. To my surprise, T-Tapp absolutely transformed my daily life because it affected my moment-by-moment physical functioning. Functional fitness means getting out of bed is now a jump-up-and-let’s-get-going experience. I started out with a goal of wearing new clothes—but instead I got a new life. It can happen to you, too!
[break][/break]How has T-Tapp’s “functional fitness” impacted your life? Please leave a comment…


  1. Sharyn Kelly says:

    Benefits of ttap after 10 weeks, 8 of those just rehabbing to finish the entire BWOPlus video:
    1- knees feel younger
    2- feet no longer in constant pain
    3- back, shoulders and neck pain almost nonexistent
    4- more energy
    5- slowly losing inches
    6- able to move more freely
    7- skin looks and feels softer and younger
    8- better pms
    9- enjoy intimate time with husband more!
    10- gaining better relationship with body, fitness and food
    I am feeling well, thankful and proud.

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      Yes, yes and yes! So happy for you–it’s worth it for feeling better (but the inch loss is fab, too)!!

  2. Lisa Lewis says:

    Thank you so much for your article and congratulations on your weight loss! I have been doing Ttapp for 7 months 3-4 times a week. I have toned up for sure but haven’t seen any weight loss or lost and pant sizes. I can tell my shirts are looser and I have loss inches all over. I am just not seeing the results everyone else seems to benefit from doing ttapp. Don’t get me wrong I love the work out and I believe it has helped balance my hormones and has benefited my Hashimoto’s disease. Disappointed I haven’t seen the results of losing a dress/pant size or 2

  3. Charlotte Siems says:

    Lisa, have you ever attended a form clinic or worked with a trainer (live or on Skype)? That can really help with form issues and might possible bump up your results. Congratulations on your consistency!

  4. I stopped doing T-tapp because I was concerned about my knees. My right knee pops and the left grinds. I notice it really bad when I am going up stairs and when doing T-tapp. My Dr. tells me I most likely have osteoathritis in my knees (I’m only 35!) and they won’t get any better just try to protect them from getting worse.

    I have been concerned to continue doing T-tapp because of this. I know T-tapp isn’t high impact so that is good for the knees, but the grinding concerns me……what’s your thoughts?? If I know I’m not going to make my knees worse, I’ll start tapping again!


    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      Hi Misty,
      T-Tapp is actually very rehabilitative to the knees, restoring muscle balance. If you’ll keep weight in the heels it will take pressure off the knees. You might have some slight soreness for a couple of weeks at first as you are rebuilding muscle balance. Knees out is very important when you walk up and down stairs and get up from a chair. Make sure your feet aren’t too far apart during the workout–about 4 fingers apart (yes, that’s closer than it appears on the DVD). Here are some modifications for knee issues, most importantly holding the squat on Plies: https://forum.t-tapp.com/showthread.php?53990-Day-one-of-more-Knee-pain&p=574609#post574609
      Hope this helps!

      1. Melanie Kitzmiller says:


        Is there any way someone could explain to me the modifications for knees for t tapp? The website no longer exists and I really want to do this workout…but I believe I have knee issues similar to what are mentioned in this post!

  5. Thanks! Only 4 fingers?? Definitely closer than I have been doing it. Thanks for the modifications. The Plies were really too much for my knees.

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      I know–it’s much closer than the DVD but it really makes a difference! (but of course I got most of my results NOT that close, so it’s not a disaster farther, just more effective closer).

  6. Hi! I know you’re busy, but was wondering if you could advise me. I’d like to take advantage of the deep discount Tuesday deal, but I don’t know if I should go with the MORE Rehab or Basic Plus. I have started losing weight with diet alone, but know I’d feel a lot better with exercise added in. I’m 35, with 4 kids 7 and under, 5’4″ tall, and need to lose at least 60 pounds. Mobility isn’t an issue yet, but my knees have started to ache, and loose joints mean that my hips and shoulders occasionally pop out of joint just enough to pinch nerves and cause muscle spasms. This isn’t new, it’s been a lifelong issue, but it makes finding workouts that I can stick with interesting.

  7. Charlotte Siems says:

    The MORE workout is a little slower and most moves have 4 reps rather than 8. It’s possible that the slower pace would help with the loose joints. This workout will definitely give you inch loss, and it includes some variety–a Chair workout, walking workout, Broom workout and instructions for the going up and down stairs, getting up off the floor, etc. It’s called “A Clinic in a Box” because of the instructions. If you decide to go with Basic Plus, you can do fewer reps slower while the DVD does all 8. Hope this helps!

    1. That does help. I have a lot to lose, and was concerned that MORE wouldn’t result in as much inch loss as Basic Plus. At the same time, I don’t move nearly as fast as the “Try Before You Buy” videos. I can do the moves, just not as fast as Theresa does them. Thanks!

  8. Hope Lamb says:

    I’m on a tight budget so I don’t want to go out and buy stuff to help with exercise/eating, but this program seems like a good one. I’m seventeen and about 130 pounds, and I’m starting to look wider than I’m comfortable with. I’ve tried dieting but I enjoy eating so it hasn’t helped, and though I enjoy exercise I can’t keep up with it. What do you suggest?

  9. Cathy Cunningham says:

    My daughter introduced me to T-Tapp and your blog, and it is so encouraging to me! I am an overweight 60 yr old diabetic cancer survivor. I pretty much hurt all over! With herniated discs in my neck, chronic pain in my shoulder blade and down arm, a bad knee on the right, and a painful foot on the left, exercise is really challenging for me.
    My dear daughter comes over a couple times a week to do the Basic Plus with me, and I am trying to make it more often. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your posts….not just the T-Tapp ones. You have such a sweet and loving spirit ~ I wish we were neighbors! Keep up the great writing – the Bible study hints, the recipes, the family stuff..it’s all so good! Hugs to you!

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      Bless your heart! I hope that T-Tapp helps you–don’t be afraid to do fewer reps slower while the DVD does all 8, so you can get the form and go to YOUR max–it will still work!

      And thanks so much for your kind encouragement to me!

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