Bringing Autumn to Your Home

Autumn came late to our house this year, after repeated attempts to find the Fall decoration box in the attic. After assuring my helpers numerous times that the orange box with a black lid was most certainly in the attic, they finally produced the black box with an orange lid.

Here’s a mini-tour of the Fall decor at This Lovely Place, in hopes that you’ll glean some ideas for a touch of autumn warmth at your place:

The fireplace mantel is a favorite place for seasonal decor.  The framed mirror and glass bottles from the summer mantel were left in place, then straw pumpkins, candles, vines and leaves transformed the look:

The top of the TV armoire also re-used the basic elements of a tall glass jar, plant in a basket, plate stand and wooden drawer.  Fall flowers and leaves, pumpkins and a new plate were switched out for the summer fruit theme:

The three-drawer dresser in the front entryway got a new look with a squirrel figurine, a fall-themed cup and saucer, leaves and the pumpkin-in-a-jar:

The top of a bookshelf was autumn-ized with some leaves and a pumpkin:

A yummy candle adds a cozy scent in the air:


And the front porch was adorned with a new wreath:

Seasonal decor is a favorite tradition to mark the passing of the seasons and create a cozy atmosphere at home. Start small by switching just a few items.  Your family will enjoy the variety, and it’s a simple way to add a special touch that says “home.”

Note:  The “Fall” arrangement above the title is on my daughter’s front porch!  The letters were painted on cardboard.  Cute, huh?

Do you have a special Fall decorating tip?  Share it with us by leaving a comment below….



  1. No tips just a love letter! As a busy farm family living in a small utility style contemporary house your blog is a wonderful inspiration!Thanks for doing all that you do to keep up and put it all together for all of us! There is major beauty outdoors on the farm but the house could use some beautification! We even have powers trips on the walls of our kitchen and living room! I’m reinspired to make the farm house a lovely place:)

  2. Charlotte says:

    Very nice, Courtney! Thank you!

  3. Charlotte, what did you use to make the yummy candle centerpiece that sits on the porch in these pictures? I need something like this to adorn our round table for Thanksgiving 2015.

    Thank you.


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