Celebrating Easter at Our House

Holidays mark the seasons of the year and give us an opportunity to create memories with our loved ones. Family traditions, however simple, can help give family members a sense of belonging. As the older mom of a large family, I’m glad for the threads of all the holidays past that weave together our family story. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into how we’ll be celebrating Easter at our house.

Easter is one of my favorite holidays of the year! I always loved dressing our little ones in special outfits, filling Easter baskets with rare treats for our kids, the egg dyeing and egg hunts, and gathering with family for the holiday. Underneath and throughout it all, the reminder that we’re celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Such beauty, solemnity and joy, wrapped in the fresh faith of Springtime.

Simple Easter Traditions

I’ve always tried to find the balance between extra effort for a holiday and reasonable limits. You won’t find elaborate recipes or expensive activities here. Of course every year is a bit different depending on circumstances such as health or weather, but here are some of our family Easter traditions across the years:

  • New Easter shoes and outfits for everyone (which become special occasion clothes for summer weddings and other events). The youngest girls still like lace gloves, but gone are the days of shiny Mary Jane shoes and Easter bonnets. *sigh*
  • Watch the extremely long vintage 1959 movie Ben Hur starring Charlton Heston on Good Friday evening (and usually finish the 2nd half on Saturday night)
  • Make Resurrection Rolls together on Saturday morning
  • Dye and decorate hard-boiled eggs on Saturday morning or afternoon
  • Set out empty Easter baskets with shredded paper grass on Saturday night (we got rid of the plastic grass years ago! That stuff was terrible for vacuum cleaners and babies’ mouths!)
  • Wake up to filled Easter baskets on Sunday morning (filled with a reasonable amount of candy)
  • Go to church and celebrate that He is Risen! (My most favorite Easter hymn: He Arose)
  • Have a big Sunday dinner with a beautifully set table (we usually serve tender beef brisket and ham)
  • Later in the afternoon, gather with extended family for an egg hunt, fun family time and leftovers

Spring/Easter Decor

In the weeks before the holiday, Spring and Easter touches appear throughout the house. It’s easy to add seasonal touches to decorating basics that stay put year-round:

Our fireplace mantel is a favorite place to display seasonal items such as plates and flowers:

I love this vintage ceramic bunny piece found at a thrift store many years ago. This year it was displayed on a cute mini cake stand from the dollar section at Target:

TJ Maxx is a great place to find unusual seasonal items at a reasonable price:

Sprigs of fresh green brighten vases and shelves throughout the house this time of year:

Bunnies and birds say “Spring!”

Thanks for taking a peek into our home and our Easter celebration traditions. Happy Easter to you and yours!

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  1. Ginger McCoy Reimer says:

    Charlotte, you always ground me and inspire me!

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