A Change of Seasons: Adjusting to Changes in Family LIfe

A Change of Seasons:  Adjusting to Changes in Family Life

by Charlotte Siems

Seasons change.  Just as surely as summer is followed by autumn, the seasons of family life shift and the landscape changes.  Whether it’s a new baby or a new school year, change is unavoidable.  It requires us to adjust and absorb a new routine.

Dreading change and fighting its arrival doesn’t change….anything.  It only makes it harder for us to move forward.

I heard a story about a group of teen boys who decided to swim across a lake.  They considered themselves athletes and boasted that they could easily swim the distance.  Eagerly diving into the water, they began to swim with all their might.  

It wasn’t long before they were tired and panic set in.  The young men decided to turn back to shore but when they looked back they realized, to their horror, that they were farther from the beginning point than they were to their destination.  They had no choice but to keep swimming and try to make it.

The boys splashed and swam as best they could.  Their hearts failed as they saw how far they had to go.  They regretted their hasty decision and labored to stay afloat.  And then one of them discovered that he could touch bottom.

It turned out that the lake was four feet deep.  All the way across.

All they had to do was stand.

Isn’t it like that with change?  We get in the middle of change and feel trapped.  We wish we could go back to the way things were.  Or we wish we didn’t have to move forward.  We feel swept away by circumstances, not sure that we can make it any further.

We worry about how we’re going to do this when the baby is born.  Then the baby is born and we do life and it’s fine.

We dread the new school year and worry about how we’ll get it all done.  Then the school year starts and we get into a routine and it works out.

It turns out that the lake was four feet deep.  All we had to do was stand. 

Go with the change of seasons.  Save yourself the trouble of worrying and resisting.  Stand….and do the next thing. You’ll find that it wasn’t as deep and scary as you thought.



  1. A long time ago, when I was still a teen, someone said to me, if you like things the way they are, you better enjoy it, because it is going to change. Things always change. I didn’t really believe that person, but now I do. Nice article, Charlotte. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for your encouragement, Charlotte! I am about the begin my 20th year of home schooling and I have been dreading it. I will be teaching 8 grades this year. I taught 9 last year. I have been exhausted just thinking about it! Reading your article has reminded me of how precious this opportunity is. Sometimes we need to be reminded of what really matters. I’ll be hugging all my kids today!

  3. Just had my “breakdown” Saturday! And part of that was because time is just flying and the demands aren’t letting up. It is scary to me how fast life is passing (especially after you lose both parents-it gets REALLY “realistic”! lol) This came just when I needed it. Thank you!

  4. Sandra, I know what you mean! I’ve been doing a lot of weeding out of what I thought were demands that really weren’t. If you are like me (driven and running a million different directions), you probably place demands on yourself that others don’t. I know it is hard, but I urge you to step back, take a good look at all that is on your plate and see if some of it can be eliminated or delayed. Don’t be like me and wait until you have severe adrenal problems before you correct the situation. My adrenals required me to basically step out of my life. It is better to make adjustments now than to watch from your bed as your family tries to fill your shoes.

  5. I also meant to say that I am sorry for the loss of both of your parents. Even if it was awhile back, I imagine that is very difficult.

  6. Charlotte, this was exactly the post I needed this morning. The new school year needs to start, my due date is in FOUR days, my husband is doing a charity bike ride that is 150 miles long, and my oldest son leaves for boot camp–all within a month! I am adding Ephesians 6:13 to my list of verses to read when I am feeling overwhelmed. (Therefore take up the whole armor of GOD, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm.

    Thanks for reminding me. 🙂

  7. Charlotte says:

    Oh, Michelle! You’ve got a lot going, both physically and emotionally. But we know it WILL get done, and it’s all good stuff. Best wishes to you and your family during this time, especially on the birth of your new little one–how exciting!!

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