The First Chapter in My New Life


If you put together 2,000 forum posts they might very well turn into a book.  Here’s a quote from a 2007 post on the T-Tapp forum, written at the end of my first six weeks with T-Tapp:
I’m one of those more to lose, so I have, well, more to work with. My biggest challenge is not getting discouraged day by day when I look in the mirror and see how far I have to go, but those good-news measuring days help boost my confidence. 

My husband and I were talking about T-Tapp the other day and I ended up weeping when I told him how grateful I am to Teresa Tapp for giving me hope for this body. The list of changes I see and feel is very long!”

It doesn’t take much for me to remember the years of being really overweight since it was 20+ years of my life.  My older children remember their childhood with me as a plus-size mom. 
I’m grateful that my younger children see exercise as a normal part of life.
Besides clothing size, how has T-Tapp changed my life?  Besides rehabilitating my knees, my sinus issues, my blood sugar problems and my energy levels, T-Tapp changed ME from the inside out.
It’s hard to explain, but there’s a feeling of power that comes from building muscle and gaining strength.  It was a delightful surprise to feel muscle in new places and an ongoing source of amazement to feel strong and flexible.
Teresa Tapp once told me that T-Tapp is all about growth.  I have grown and changed so much as a person since I found T-Tapp that I have to agree.  I thought I was in it to lose a couple of sizes.  I had no idea it would change the direction of my life.
I no longer fear getting older, as I plan to age gracefully with T-Tapp.  Dr. Nicholas Perricone says that T-Tapp is “the ultimate anti-aging workout” and that sounds good to me.
As with so many other things in life, small choices end up having big consequences.  The day that I found T-Tapp mentioned on a blog stands in my memory as the turning of a page in my life, the beginning of a new chapter. 
I’m sure many of you could say the same.  How has T-Tapp changed YOUR life?


  1. Charlotte, I’m printing this out to keep with my Bible so that I can re-read it each morning as I begin my day.  Thank you.

  2. MandyKnits says:

    Me too as well keeping this bookmarked for inspiration! You’re amazing and a wonderful testimony! – Mandy

  3. Oh, it is so awesome to hear things you said back when you were still working toward your goal. I am still back there in the plus size world so it is truly inspiring to hear you say things I am feeling right now. 

  4. I just tweeted tonight that I was actually able to tuck in my shirt! It’s been years since I felt comfortable – or let’s face it, the room – to do that! The little successes are what keep me focused. I don’t weigh myself, I look at how I fit into my clothes. T-Tapp saved me from debilitating shoulder and neck pain. Plus it’s helped my slight scoliosis in my lower back. I’m so grateful I caught Teresa on the local PBS station when I did!

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