Checking In From the Land of Overwhelm

Overwhelm can be paralyzing. Swirling thoughts of all we have to do can cause us to stop in our tracks rather than get started doing! For instance, if one of our “to do’s” is to write a blog post and newsletter, we might keep putting it off until we have time to create a great, heartfelt post and eye-catching newsletter. Like me.

I finally realized it was better to check in with you than to let another week pass with no newsletter issue. I’ll spare you most of the details, but there are truly many things on my plate during this season. You’ll hear more about this soon, but I’m going to appear in an issue of For Women First magazine, one of the most widely-circulated magazine in the U.S.! I’m hearing a target of mid-September and will let you know when we have a definite date.

About two weeks ago, our daughter Gracie suddenly decided to graduate from homeschool and enroll in college. That alone is quite a project. Graduation is this weekend and I’ll share photos in next week’s issue. Meanwhile we’re filling out forms, getting stuff ready to set up a dorm room, and doing all the million other details of cramming six months’ preparation into four weeks. It’s a crazy, joyful time. She’s our 8th college student and 9th graduate, and the whole family is excited for her new adventure!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we began our 30th year of homeschooling this week. I think that deserves a blog post soon, too. I’ll be spending this morning reading aloud “The Golden Goblet,” listening to a history CD and learning Marine Biology right along with the girls. Only three left at home and in school, and it’s quiet around here! Yesterday 10-year-old Sophie mused “Last year school really changed my life.” It was a funny thing to say, but also something to treasure in my heart.

Thanks for reading and catching up with me. There may be a LOT to do, but it’s all good stuff. I’m staying on top and away from the overwhelm by remembering to be grateful and continually bringing it before the One who already knows me and knows how it’s all going to get done!

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  1. Thank you for your “checking in” post. Your newsletters are always welcome. They don’t have to be long and fancy. Just knowing that you take the time to “check in” with your readers all while still being such committed and lovely mother is inspiring and heartwarming. 🙂

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