How can I help you?

Life coaching

From homeschooling a houseful to managing your emotions, I can help! Sometimes you just need someone to listen and help you see a different perspective. This is NOT one of those calls where you end up doing all the listening as the coach drones on. This isn’t an advice hotline. But it IS a safe space to process and gain awareness — with an older mom who offers compassion and experience.

Business coaching

Have you bought the courses and watched the YouTube videos but you still feel stuck in figuring out online business? Succeeding online is more than strategy. In fact, your thoughts and beliefs are the foundation of your business. I’ve run successful online businesses for more than 14 years — blogging, digital products, courses and social selling. We can walk through your mindset, strategy and questions.

Who this is for and what to expect:

  • FAITH-BASED – My Christian faith is not separate from business or coaching. Calls are prayed over.
  • VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY – I have a really big family and also run a successful social selling business, so coaching time slots are very limited each week.
  • NOT THERAPY OR COUNSELING – I’m not trained or licensed to deal with serious issues. Not my calling or gifting.
  • WHO IT’S FOR – Women who want to grow, understand what’s going on in their head, serve others, strengthen their faith, manage their emotions, and live with more purpose and joy.

Introductory Price

$75 for a one-hour session, paid in advance. Paypal & Venmo accepted.

Fill out contact form and you will receive instructions for payment and scheduling.