Cute Baby Gender Reveal Party: Game Theme

We’re a party kind of family, and when our daughter Sarah and her husband Chris were ready to announce the gender of their expected baby, it was party time. Extended family had already gathered for a potluck meal after church, so they decided to tack on a little baby gender reveal party in the afternoon.

Everyone gathered around and we played a game of “The Price is Right.” Sarah passed out a sheet of paper with photos of baby products and we wrote down our guess on price. When the answers were called out, the person whose guess was the closest without going over received a prize: a Baby Ruth candy bar tied to a ribbon. We also did a little matchup game of candy names, such as “$100,000 bar” with “baby’s college tuition.”


The last game listed various conditions, such as “Cravings: Sweet or Salty” and Sarah told us what had been true for her. Then everybody used this information to make their guess of Boy or Girl by folding the sheet of paper to reveal the blue or pink border, and Chris took pictures of everyone’s guess.

Later we laughed around the table about how nobody is creative anymore, we all just get ideas on Pinterest. 🙂

It was time for the Big Reveal. Everyone gathered in close around Sarah and Chris, who were holding a gift bag. Their little girls, Emma and Addie, were nearby. They reached into the bag, pulled out cans of Silly String, pushed the button…and sprayed BLUE string on everyone!!

This was their announcement on Facebook:


CONGRATULATIONS!! We’re all excited!


  1. Congratulations, Charlotte (and the rest of your family)!!!
    Babies are such blessings! While holding a little one, all of our problems, stress, and worries fade away and in their place we feel gratefulness, joy, and love.
    Enjoy — and spoil — that baby????; exercise your grandma rights!
    Congrats again, and as they say, being a parent is great, but being a grandparent is grand!!!
    PS. Loved the reveal party ideas you shared! Oooooooh, and the green piece holding the tv — ???? it!!

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      The party was at my nephew’s house and they have awesome taste in decorating! And thanks for the congrats–we’re so happy!

  2. Jane Ballenger says:

    Wooohooo! Boys are GREAT! Girls are GREAT! Babies are GREAT! We know how excited you are and your Indiana friends are just as thrilled for you. Kisses and hugs to all!

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      Aww, thanks, Janie! We are so thrilled for them!! (and us!)

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