Don’t Like Exercise? How to Stay Consistent with Exercise

QUESTION:  I really don’t like to exercise. Do you? Was the motivation to lose weight enough to keep you going? I’m having a hard time staying motivated.

QUESTION:  I tapp for awhile (like a month or longer) and then life seems to get so busy with running the kids around, homeschool lessons outside of the home, etc. and I stop tapping. I know this is wrong and is causing me to re-gain what I did lose. Did you ever feel this way, and if so, how did you stay on the plan of working out, etc.?
ANSWER:  True confession:  I really don’t like to exercise.  There, it’s out.  Never was the athletic type, never been in a gym, not real sure what an elliptical is.  Starting T-Tapp,  I was skeptical not only about the claims, but also about my ability to do the workout.  My heavy, out-of-shape, breathless body made it seem impossible to get through a workout, let alone look anything like that slender Teresa Tapp.  At first it was tough sledding–well, come to think of it, it still is.  By the way, if you think T-Tapp is easy, you’re doing it wrong.

I found ways to head off trouble before it stopped me.  Know thyself.  It’s easy to quit and easy to get distracted.  Here are some safeguards to put into place to keep the motivation and consistency train rolling while you figure out how to stay consistent with exercise:

Write it down
Plan workouts, even in pencil.  Take measurements and write them down.  Vague notions and foggy intentions make for easy excuses.  I recently heard someone say that “an excuse is a well-planned lie.”  Ouch.
Stay connected to T-Tapp
Subscribe to the T-Tapp newsletter.  Frequent the T-Tapp forums.  Free support, accountability and vast information all in one place.  Join a group, cheer someone on, do a search.  You’ll learn Tapp-speak (all those abbreviations!) and you’ll get connected with a great community with the same goals.

Keep success ever before you
Re-watch Meet the Team on the Basic Workout Plus DVD.  Sometimes I stopped and watched it halfway through my workout!  Re-read the success stories in Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes.  Many women’s magazines feature weight loss success stories.  I bought some, tore out the pictures and re-read them when my motivation was flagging.  Now I’m one of them!
Set goals
And I’m not talking about “lose 100 pounds.”  That was too overwhelming for me.  How about “be in a size 18 for niece’s wedding” or “get back into the black pants for hubby’s work Christmas party.”  Smaller goals keep us going and give us hope.

Do T-Tapp
Knowing about T-Tapp and hoping to lose sizes is great, but DOING T-Tapp is what gives the results, my friend.  There is a big difference between knowing and hoping and doing.  

Be realistic
Don’t plan a long workout on the day you have the big homeschool field trip at 7:30 a.m.  Guilt and frustration don’t make for a positive feeling about exercise.  Accept the fact that the holiday season is crazy-busy and plan 3-4 short workouts a week.  Maintenance and small inch loss beats going backwards every time.  Plus you’ll feel great and be better equipped to handle the fatigue and stress of the extra holiday activities.     

How to stay consistent with exercise? I don’t really like exercise, but I LOVE T-Tapp.  It’s the perfect system for exercise-haters!  Where else can you get such great results from such a short time commitment?  I love how it makes me feel, I love how it makes me look, I love the genius science behind it, I love Teresa Tapp who created it.  In a way, I don’t even count myself among regular fitness trainers.  I don’t exercise, I T-Tapp!

How do YOU stay consistent?  Leave a comment below….


  1. Angela Brooks says:

    I love to walk! and I used to be addicted to the gym (pre-children) I never missed a chance to go to the gym and now I can’t get back in there like I did – so I walk and love it.

  2. I’m not a big exercise fan, either. I prefer my exercise to be functional, but that isn’t all that focussed. I’m intrigued by T-Tapp!

  3. It’s so great to find a form of exercise that you love- never feels like work, you want to do it, and it becomes your form of relaxation instead of another annoying chore.

  4. Charlotte, I can relate with you – not being an exercise fanatic… I’ve been “spinning” and it’s such a good workout and makes me feel very good after I recover for about 30-min afterward, but this T-Tapp has got me very interested! The word “short” next to exercise is very intriguing to me! Thanks for this great article!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Charlotte, Thanks for sharing these awesome tips! You are inspiring me!

  6. I LOVE your last paragraph, Charlotte! I totally agree! (and honestly can say I’m not a ttapp trainer! LOLOL) 😀

  7. Awesome post, thank you. You are the success story I go back to time and time again to reread. I’ll be honest, it is rough, used to be exercise was just my life but it was all fun stuff. Staying home with kids and having to stop my day to workout so I can lose major inches is a whole new ball game without the fun of a game. LOL Thanks for all the great inspiration!

  8. Lovely post, Charlotte. Loved seeing the pictures of the boys! Where did time go?

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