Dramatic Results in One Month (or Maybe One Year)

School reunions.  Weddings.  Vacations.  Spring is just around the corner, and now is a good time to take advantage of the extra motivation and opportunity for a short-term goal.  “Event” goals were an important inspiration on my journey from size 22W to 6 with T-Tapp. 
One particular event was my husband’s 25th college reunion.  We planned to attend and visit with friends we hadn’t seen in years.  I had reached a size 14 and was thrilled to be there, by the way.  I still weighed over 200 pounds.  So I set a two-fold goal:  be in a size 12 and under 200 pounds for the reunion coming up in about a month.
[break][/break]I searched for suggestions on what to do and this was the recipe I read on the T-Tapp forum: 
[break][/break]QUESTION:  “How can I achieve dramatic results in a month?” 
[break][/break]ANSWER:  “Full workout every other day, with Basic Workout Plus or Step Away the Inches on off days, Sunday off.  Organs in Place with Diva Derriere or Ladybug move before bed.  Skin brush twice a day, drink plenty of fluids, eat clean.”  ~ Michelle Barbuto, Senior T-Tapp Trainer
[break][/break]I printed this formula for my notebook and placed it inside the front cover.  And how did it work?
[break][/break]Well, I only brushed once a day, but stayed consistent with it.  I made an effort to drink more water and was careful to eat only between hunger and fullness.   Here are the workouts done for that 30 days:
[break][/break](Immediately following the 2007 T-Tapp Safety Harbor Retreat till the reunion):
[break][/break]Day 1:  Primary Back Stretch (PBS)
Day 2:  Off
Day 3:  PBS through Balance, plus Thread the Needle
Day 4:  Off
Day 5:  Before bed—Organs in Place (OIP), Ladybug move (LB), Crab Claws (CC)
Day 6:  Before bed—OIP, LB, CC
Day 7:  BWO+, Lunges (1st set 4 reps), Balance, Thread the Needle
Day 8:  Ladybug Floor (stopped before Pilates)
Day 9:  Off
Day 10:  MORE, 20-min. walk
Day 11:  Before bed—OIP, LB, CC
Day 12:  Total Workout
Day 13:  Before bed—OIP, LB
Day 14:  BWO+, Before bed—OIP, LB
Day 15:  Total Workout, Before bed—OIP, LB
Day 16:  Step Away the Inches, Before bed—OIP, LB, CC
Day 17:  PBS, T-Tapp Twist, Hoe Downs, Hit the Floor Softer; Before bed:  OIP, LB, CC
Day 18:  Step Away the Inches, Before bed—OIP, LB, CC
Day 19:  Before bed—OIP, LB, CC
Day 20:  Before bed—OIP, LB, CC
Day 21:  BWO+, Before bed—OIP, LB, CC
Day 22:  Total Workout, Before bed—OIP, LB, CC
Day 23:  BWO+
Day 24:  BWO+
Day 25:  25-min. walk, Before bed:  OIP, LB, CC
Day 26:  Instructional #2 through Cross-Cross, Diva Derriere (DD) for the first time
Day 27:  Before bed:  OIP, LB, CC, DD
Day 28:  BWO+, Before bed:  OIP, LB, CC, DD
Day 29:  BWO+
Day 30:  BWO, Advanced Hoe Downs, Balance, Thread the Needle, Before bed:  DD
[break][/break]You see that I did NOT follow the formula, so don’t blame the formula.  However, I WAS pretty darn consistent.  Please note that this super-consistency ended with the reunion.  From that point until the following March, I did Basic Workout Plus or MORE 3-4 times per week until I was motivated and ready for another month of harder effort. 
I didn’t do another long workout until April–nearly five months later! 
[break][/break]Documented on my measuring charts, here is the inch loss from my efforts:
[break][/break]Week 1:  gained 1”
Week 2:  lost 1”
Week 3:  lost 1”
Week 4:  0”
[break][/break]Net loss:  one inch.  And five and a half pounds in 4 weeks.  Really not too impressive, huh?  Okay, here’s the weird part.  I wore size 12 pants to that reunion.  I had lost a size in that month!  And still weighed more than 200 pounds.  Here’s a proud photo taken before we left for the reunion:
It took four months to reach the next size down, size 10.
[break][/break]I wonder how many people give up because they only lost an inch after working hard for a month.  Maybe their body was just on the edge of a breakthrough, or maybe their body was going to take 4 more months to lose a size.  Sadly, if they quit they never find out.  Dramatic results in a month or dramatic results in a year, either way the results are, well….dramatic!
[break][/break]If you want to know more of the nitty-gritty details of what I did to lose nine sizes, check out the eBook: Renewing Me: Size 22 to 6, 16 Minutes at a Time




  1. Thank you Charlotte.  I’ve been needing to hit the RESET button and get restarted.  You’ve provided the impetus for Day 1.

  2. Janie Ballenger says:

    Thanks Charlotte!  I just finished a two week bootcamp (taking Sundays off).  My inch loss wasn’t astounding but it was there.  I also watched closely the amount of water I drank and what I ate.  I had no weight loss and have actually gained since beginning t-tapp.  While my inch loss wasn’t exceptional, I do feel good.  I’m still in a size 12 pants but I can see a marked difference in my muscle tone.  Thanks for all your encouragement and your willingness to be transparent before us.  

  3. Wow!  Great motivation and perspective.  I am trying to think that next year I will be a new person.  I hope for some positives along the way, but your email today was a perfect reminder.

    You inspire me!

  4. Anonymous says:

    So glad to encourage you!  I was actually pretty shocked when I looked at the records.  True story, though.  You never know what nice surprises are around the corner!

  5.      I found your website through Cindy Rushton’s site.  I had never heard of T-Tapp before, but was so impressed by the results I read about, I went ahead and skeptically ordered the Basic Workout Plus.  That was five weeks ago.  At first I was very discouraged by the weight gain (around 3 pounds) but I stuck with it following a 10 day boot camp and then every other day after that.  My total inch loss just doing the basic workout…
              Week 1:  1.5″
              Week 2:  8″
              Week 3:  1″
              Week 4:  3.5″
              Week 5:  0″
              TOTAL INCH LOSS:  14″
              DRESS SIZE:  12 to 10/12
         What most amazed me was the sense of well-being that I feel after the workouts.  My energy level has increased dramatically.  I live with fibromyalgia and CFS, and exercise used to wipe me out.  Now I actually look forward to working out.
         Any recommendations to take my workouts to the next level?
         Thank you.

  6.  Thanks for the encouragement, Charlotte!  I’m sure the fact that you still weighed over 200 was that you had replaced a good bit of fat with a lot of muscle.  I haven’t ever measured, but when I was doing the basic t-tapp workouts pretty consistently in April, both my husband and I were happy to see that my body was looking much more toned and youthful.  If I lost any weight, it was only a pound or two, but I definitely was loosing flab.  And like Dawn said, I felt so much better!  With so much going on in May, I have gotten off track…  but like Donella said, I’ll hit the RESET button and get started again.  And like you said, I know I’ll like the results— sooner or later.  🙂

  7. This couldn’t have been more timely.  Been consistently tapping for 7 weeks – measured this morning – for the first time I’d gained an inch. Was really miffed – and have put off working out today. After reading this – well let’s say I’m going to put those sneakers on right now! Thank you Charlotte

  8. Thanks again, Charlotte!  This was perfect timing as I seemed to stall on toning, inch loss, motivation and needed encouragement.  There it was right in my inbox. I have stepped it up to 6 days of BWO+ from every other day and I am hopeful that if I stay committed and consistent, good things will happen.  One day at a time …

  9. Thanks Charlotte. This was just what I needed today. I’ve only gotten 3-4 Basic workouts + per week, plus some biking with the kids, and a bit of walking. Nothing has changed the past couple of weeks, and I’ve been trying to keep encouraged to keep on and try to get up to 5-6 workouts per week. 

  10. Patricia Anderson says:

    Thank you for opening yourself up for us to see your reality.  Thank you for admitting that you weren’t perfect but you still got results.  Thank you for these most motivating and encouraging posts!!


  11. Patricia Anderson says:

    Thank you for opening yourself up for us to see your reality.  Thank you for admitting that you weren’t perfect but you still got results.  Thank you for these most motivating and encouraging posts!!


  12. MandyKnits says:

    So inspirational and motivational thank you! I’m a bride in waiting till October 29th of this year and this article is really a eye opener! Many blessings to you!


  13. Fascinating!  Unbelievable that you were over 200 lbs in that picture, and that you were wearing a size 12!  You looked so toned, pulled-in and poised.  It is so fortunate for us that you kept such meticulous records!  Those records alone are so revealing!  They reflect what it really takes, what really happened, and it is surprising to those who only saw the before and after picture!  So much happened between those shots!  I’m so glad you wrote it all down and decided to share it.  It is very inspiring and revealing at the same time.  The “rest of the story” is sometimes the biggest part of the story!! 

    1. Graycesoaplady says:

      Val, I can’t either!! I’m WELL UNDER 200 and STILL can’t wear a 12, however, I am quite vertically challenged and ‘quite round’.

  14. It’s solid muscle, baby! 🙂 You are such an inspiration! 

  15. Anonymous says:

    Boy, am I glad I kept records, too!  It’s so great to be able to use them to encourage others on their T-Tapp journey!

  16. I needed to hear this today!  My daughter and I were dreading measuring tomorrow (two steps forward and one step back at times), but I have a much healthier perspective now!  It is truly mystifying how the measuring tape can fail to reflect what we visually see and instinctively feel. I keep reminding my daughter that we are in this for the long haul. We’ve just completed 8 weeks and have not missed a single workout despite many obstacles. PTL!

  17. Busymomof10 says:

    Wow!  Very inspiring!!  That was just what I needed to hear, since I went from super motivated to super discouraged this spring after a few weeks of whole-hearted, consistent effort and little to show for it!!  OK, I am dragging myself back up on the wagon once again.  BWO+ completed — first workout in almost two months!

  18. I want these results!  I’m struggling getting back to T_Tapp & doing a 14 day bootcamp of BWO+

    1. Donna, you can do it. “Yes you can”. =) Do even a little everyday. As Charlotte says, at least its something!

  19. Lloydgrissom says:

    Always so inspiring and timely.

  20. Thanks for sharing Charlotte. I will keep this in mind when I don;t lose inches for awhile. I didn’t get this our of shape in one day, I am sure that it will take some time to bring it all back where it belong.

  21. Dowie49556 says:

    I’m a combo body type and it takes a while to see results.  I’m doing the 60 day challenge right now and have stayed consistant with the “dramatic results” formula listed above (except for the eating).  It’s been a little over a week since I started and I’ve lost a few inches from my waist and abs.  Down 5 pounds too!

  22. Doni Hallabrin says:

    Charlotte, It is so good and sweet of you to share the details of your journey! You have a gift and have grown so much personally. You share it with us!! Thank You!
    Psalm 4:5 Offer right sacrifices and trust in the Lord.

  23. Perfect timing, Charlotte! I am following Teresa’s recommendations in Fit & Fabulous to lose 4 sizes or more & finished my 14 day boot camp of BWO+ on Tuesday. Yesterday was my first “off” day so I walked 3.5 miles over the course of the day. Today I’ve done the BWO+ again. I was wondering if I need to stick with BWO+ or if I could do other workouts as you’ve mentioned (spreading Total Workout out over 3 days for instance.) Your records (thank you! thank you!) show that other workouts will produce results & consistency is key. Thanks so much, Charlotte! You are a great encouragement!

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      You know, I think any T-Tapp workout will give results if you have the FORM! Not that you have to be perfect, but the real basics of curling the core, lifting ribs and activating muscle are what makes a big difference. Congratulations on getting started!

  24. BlessedMomof4 says:

    Charlotte I can’t thank you enough for all your encouragement, for recording and sharing your story, I don’t know if you knew at the time how much you would help so many of us!! I was praying for a size down for my bday (mid may) but “lost” this last week, younger babes w/brochtis, and myself w/very bad cold – but even if I don’t lose a size, I’m very encouraged to get back on track — many, many thanks to you!!

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      I’m very glad to encourage you! Several times I did NOT reach a goal on the date I originally wrote down, but I went back later when I DID reach it and still wrote it down and checked it off! After you’re there it won’t matter if it took a couple of months longer than you planned. Just keep going!

  25. very encouraging… now to “get to it”

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      I know, right? DOING it is what gives the results!

  26. Heidi Nelson says:

    you just gave me motivation to get with it with t-tapp. i have lots of dvd’s but haven’t done it for awhile, and never really got into it,

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      Yayy, Heidi! Glad you’re back–just push *play*!

  27. I’ve only recently (today is Day 3!) begun with the MORE Level 1 workout. I’m so excited at the thought of losing inches!! I’m not sure it is going to be enough, though, looking at your list. I’m starting with a 14-day boot camp, but will I really see results from just this 20-minute routine? Beginning to wonder . . .

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      Bronda, this schedule was from after I had done months of T-Tapp, so I had built up strength and knowledge of form. You can absolutely get inch loss with MORE–I love that workout and lost inches with it myself!

      1. Anonymous says:

        Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to answer. I actually am already seeing my tummy get flatter. Exciting!!

  28. Gabrielle says:

    I am reading this because I have an event in exactly one months time. I have been walking like crazy (jogging 1 mile per day and getting at least 7,000 steps in per day) and dieting but no weight or inches have been lost. I wanted to get back to T-Tapp but I am not sure I can do the full workout. Lately, I have just been doing the MORE workout. Do you have any suggestions??

  29. Charlotte Siems says:

    Gabrielle, the MORE workout is a good one! You could try mixing it up a little by doing some of the included extras like Chair, Step Away and Broom. They can be put together for a 20 -minute workout. Sometimes variety will keep your body guessing. The most important thing is to concentrate on form. Don’t flop, really activate muscle!

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