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“Former Fat Mom Shows How She Stays Thin Without Starving Herself or Eating Diet Foods”
What if you gave up dieting forever—and still lost all the extra weight? 
Imagine being the size you want to be, while eating the food you want to eat.
Think of what it would be like to go out to eat or attend a birthday party and not have to count anything or avoid certain foods just because the diet says you can’t have it—but still see the scale move d-o-w-n.
I’m a mom of twelve children who was obese for twenty-five years.  I weighed 258 pounds and wore a size 22W (the “W” is important—that stands for Women’s, which is different from Misses).  I had 52” abs and looked six months pregnant, even when I wasn’t.
In fact, a few times someone asked me when the baby was due and that was embarrassing!
At one point I became a lifetime member of a national weight loss organization.  Then I got pregnant and gained all of the weight back and then some.  From there I gained more weight with each baby and ended up exhausted and way overweight.
Looking in the Plus Sizes felt awkward when shopping with friends.  Even then there wasn’t always something big enough in the tummy or the arms. 
Most of the time big, flowing clothes covered up what was underneath, or so I thought.  Looking at photos you can see that it didn’t always hide the truth:
Finally, I got fed up with not fitting in airplane seats and playground swings.  Starting with exercise, I began to feel better and lose inches.
But after awhile, I knew that since I had so much weight to lose I needed to change my way of eating.
Many of you have asked me to share what I did.  You’ve wanted to know how I’ve kept the weight off for years, despite the fact that 98% of people gain back the weight they’ve lost.
At last, here it is for you—all the “skinny” on the changes I made, and how I’ve kept it doable and reasonable for real-life results that have lasted.  This is your chance to find out:

  • How to escape the slavery of dieting
  • Keys to unlock your weight loss
  • How to tell when you’ve eaten enough
  • How you can finally put an end to eating too much
  • What to do about emotional eating
Renew You for Life:  Eating for Permanent Weight Loss
a 4-week live virtual coaching class that runs Monday, June 4 to Saturday, June 30, 2012.
Note:  While the T-Tapp exercise program was (and is) a vital key to my weight loss success, this class is NOT a T-Tapp class.  The program will be centered on eating for permanent weight loss.  As a certified T-Tapp Trainer, I will offer options for personal support for the T-Tapp aspects of your weight loss program, but the class time and group support will only offer information about eating.
Yes, Charlotte, I’m ready to stop dieting and lose this weight!
I’m going to invest in myself and get started NOW!
$87 through Monday, June 4, 2012   
Please use your best email address because I’ll send you an email right away!
Click here to contact Charlotte for more information or to schedule these options:
1)  Private, 30-minute phone coaching call with Charlotte (very limited availability) $30
2)  Video review of your form for T-Tapp workouts:  Basic Workout Plus or          MORE workout  
     Custom workout schedule for the month, based on your personal needs
      $75 for both, for class participants only
Who this class is for:
  • Someone who is tired of dieting and failing to lose weight
  • Someone who is willing to be honest with themselves
  • Someone who wants to learn how to lose weight eating regular food
  • Someone who is willing to learn and stick with it
Who this class is NOT for:
  • Someone who doesn’t have weight to lose
  • Someone who thinks that everyone should only eat certain foods
  • Someone who thinks they know it all
  • Someone who is looking to blame other people and other things for their weight

Here is my personal, unconditional guarantee.  If you haven’t learned how to eat for weight loss (and lost weight) by the end of this class, simply contact me for a full refund, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose…except inches and pounds.