Fall Household and Holiday Prep Checklist

Fall Household and Holiday Prep Checklist

by Charlotte Siems

The change of seasons brings cooler weather and the hint of the holidays in the air. You know, the holidays come around every year. So why do we feel surprised and stressed by their arrival and all of the to-do’s that come with them?

It’s not too early to begin preparations. And no, I don’t mean set the table for Thanksgiving dinner and get out the Christmas decorations.

There are plenty of things you can do now to lessen the burden later, both financially and personally. While I encourage you to stay “present” and enjoy the current season, taking time to plan and check off tasks can help you feel prepared and calm in the upcoming months.

Make “project” lists with the things that require several steps. Then break those projects down into individual smaller tasks and put them on a written checklist. Set aside time to accomplish a few every day. Use a timer and go!

Some of these tasks relate to the current season, and some will keep you ahead of the game for the holidays:

  • Put away summer clothing in storage.
  • Get the cool-weather clothes from storage.
  • Wash and put away the cool-weather clothes.
  • Do an inventory on your linen closet: do you need to replace or acquire towels, washcloths, sheets, pillows or blankets for holiday guests?
  • Do an inventory on the kitchen: do you need new kitchen towels or utensils? Do you have enough glasses, plates and silverware?
  • While you’re looking around the kitchen, schedule a deep-clean so you’ll enjoy your cooking sessions. Fifteen minutes a day or an all-day marathon, either way your kitchen will sparkle and you’ll feel efficient.
  • Begin to stock up on paper goods for the holidays: paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, cups, plates, etc.
  • Begin to look for sales on ingredients for holiday baking and cooking.
  • Bring Fall to your home with leaves, pumpkins, branches and more.
  • Light a spicy scented candle.
  • Think about sleeping arrangements for guests. We use couches, air mattresses, and trundle beds with plenty of quilts and comforters.
  • How will you set a nice Thanksgiving table? Look for bargains on tablecloths, candles and other pretty accessories now instead of later.
  • Create new menu lists for cool weather, using beans, soups, stews and casseroles.
  • Freeze some browned hamburger for quick meals such as Sloppy Joes, tacos, chili, spaghetti and casseroles.
  • Begin to prepare your yard and garden for winter with a yard cleanup.

These ideas may have triggered your thoughts on other tasks for Fall. Please share them with us in the comments below….



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