Family Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

Family Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

by Charlotte Siems

The second time you do something, you can call it a family tradition.  So I guess you could say that a trip to the Pumpkin Patch is a fall tradition for our family.

We planned to eat a picnic supper out in the field.  Sandwiches were prepared on wheat rolls instead of bread, with a choice of ham and swiss or turkey and provolone.  They were so good that we decided to make rolls a tradition, too.  Chips and cookies and bottled water completed the menu.

Then it was time to set the captives free to search among the vines for that perfect personal pumpkin.

We loaded up the kids and pumpkins and drove back up the farmhouse to take some pics and pick out gourds.

Then we headed back home to finish the cookies and disagree about who picked which pumpkin.

Simple traditions make memories just as well (or better) than elaborate traditions.  

Even if you don’t live near a pumpkin patch, you can make a special trip to the grocery store or garden center to pick a few pumpkins for Fall decorations.  Make some caramel apples, drink cider, eat popcorn—anything with a Fall feel.  Keep it simple, make it fun and enjoy a seasonal tradition!

*If you live locally, Grider Farms south of Perkins has a great pumpkin patch and we paid $22 for our pile of pumpkins!

Do you have any Fall traditions?  Leave a comment below….

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  1. We love fall! The biggest tradition we have that we do each year is to go to a state park or find a trail when the leaves are changing color to take pictures and enjoy the beauty. The more trees the better! We throw in lots of things as well, like going on a hayride, picking out pumpkins, and making desserts out of apples and pears.

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