How to Eat Summer Fast Food and Lose Weight

How’s your summer going?  Maybe you’ve been doing the summer sports thing with your kids.  Our schedule has been full, with church camps, community theater, library programs and more—I bet you can relate! 
That means more fast food and eating on the run, which can lead to a few pounds that really show in summer clothes.
Here’s a tip to move the scale in the other direction without special foods or counting points:  wait until you’re physically hungry to eat, then pay close attention to how your body feels while you’re eating.  When you no longer feel hunger (and before you feel stuffed), stop eating. 
Try it today.  You might be surprised at how quickly you feel full.  Don’t pay attention to your reasons for eating more, just focus on how you physically feel and honor your body’s signals.
If you have more than a couple of sizes to lose, the road will be longer but it is doable.  Enjoy every bite of food today—don’t waste your hunger on anything that doesn’t taste delicious!
With love,
Charlotte Siems

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