In With the New: Where to Find Inspiration for Winter Decorating

In With the New:  Where to Find Inspiration for Winter Decorating
by Charlotte Siems
Christmas decorations have been taken down and stowed away in the attic, but that has left some bare spots in the decor. This week I’ll be looking for some new inspiration to give those spaces some warmth and character for the rest of the winter season.  
Here are some of my favorite ways to get ideas:
  • Look through a collection of decorating books and study photos for winter ideas
  • Page through some decorating magazines
  • Pinterest (with a timer so you won’t get “lost!”)
  • Websites like Better Homes and Gardens
  • The great outdoors (look for branches and dried grasses)
  • “Use what you have” decorating—use things from other rooms in a new way
  • Stores like Hobby Lobby or Kirklands—study displays with an eye to copy and adapt
For all of these sources of ideas, stay aware of when you are drawn to a scene or item.  Try to figure out what appeals to you:  is it the color, texture or theme?  Then adapt with items you have or use the idea as a guide when you shop. Clearance aisles (even Christmas clearance!) and thrift stores can yield some beautiful treasures for decorating!
Have some fun with a new season of decorating.  Out with the old and in with the new!
Do you have some ideas for inspiration?  Leave a comment below!

Charlotte Siems is a home-maker, home manager, T-Tapp Trainer, teacher, speaker and author.  Her story of losing over 100 pounds with T-Tapp has encouraged thousands of people all over the world.  She specializes in making home management and T-Tapp “doable” for real people and real life.  She is happy to be a wife and mother of twelve children whom she has successfully taught at home for 25 years.


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  1. Encourager3 says:

    Charlotte, I just want to thank you for your encouragement.  I am an encourager and many times the encourager needs to be encouraged.  I am embarking upon a Fresh Start, which is the theme for 2012 at our church.  At one time I worked out twice a day twice a day for 7 weeks, with no change in weight.  I was so disappointed!  I am beginning this fresh start with your words of consistency and not despise the “little things, thinking they do not make a difference”, I will take these words to heart.  Thanks alow for your newsletter.

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