Fond Memories: T-Tapp Basic Workout Plus

family-photosWhen you discover something that ends up changing your life in a wonderful way, you tend to have a fondness for that thing. You look upon it with tender feelings and fond remembrance, sighing as you reminisce about how you found the thing and what it did for you. That “something” for me is T-Tapp. And more specifically, Basic Workout Plus. If I had a scrapbook of my weight loss journey, it would contain pages and pages of Basic Workout Plus!

I remember sitting at the computer late one night, browsing favorite blogs. I was more than 100 pounds overweight, tired, pregnant-looking and certainly not pregnant. An article on a blog caught my eye–it mentioned T-Tapp, the author’s favorite “stretching exercise.” When I read that it only took 15 minutes, my heart started to beat faster. I had always thought that effective exercise involved an hour at the gym. Fifteen minutes? Surely even I, a busy 47-year-old mom of twelve, could fit in fifteen minutes.

As it turned out, I did fit in fifteen minutes, over and over. I eventually worked up to the Total Workout (a longer workout) that I did once or twice a week for a few months, but my staple go-to workout was Basic Workout Plus. I ended up losing more than twice my height in inches, which added up to nine sizes.


Basic Workout Plus contains the signature T-Tapp move Primary Back Stretch, plus other moves that align your spine, tighten your buns, cinch your waist and slim your saddlebags.

It is a great way to start T-Tapp, and a great way to continue. If you don’t have even fifteen minutes, you can skip through for a super-quick workout: Primary Back Stretch, T-Tapp Twist and Hoe Downs. The length of this powerful little workout makes it easier to stay consistent, and consistency is one of the best secrets for results.

One little tip for your Basic Workout Plus: bring your feet in closer together than it looks on the video, about four fingers apart. It will help you activate muscle and trim those inches. Keeping weight in heels will take the pressure off your knees, too.

T-Tapp Basic Workout Plus is one of the best ways I know to get started with T-Tapp. The cost is reasonable, so it’s a great way to get your feet wet.

And it just happens to be on sale for 50% off on Tuesday, September 17, for T-Tapp September Deep Discount Tuesday: Basic Workout Plus

Not only do you get a Basic Workout Plus (including the Instructional), but it includes a Barefoot Basic Plus DVD AND a Basic Plus Tempo DVD (an even BETTER version of Basic Workout, in my humble opinion, with the first 4 reps slow and the last 4 reps to speed) AND a “Yes You Can” DVD with the story of T-Tapp and great tips by Teresa Tapp.

Uh, we’re talking $19.98, my friends. Click here

What a fabulous, inexpensive way to get–and stay–in shape for the holidays. Or share T-Tapp with someone you love.

This sale always ends at midnight Eastern Time on the third Tuesday of the month, so you have until then (Tuesday, September 17).

You’ll be glad you grabbed the deal, and you’ll be even more glad when you have made your own fond memories of changing your LIFE with T-Tapp! Happy Scrapbooking and T-Tapping!


  1. Charolete, is there somewhere that let’s you know what the months special will be? I’m waiting for the alfalfa to go in sale so I can try her brand. I’ve tried alfalfa in the past and it upset my stomach. I’m hoping Teresa’s won’t but don’t wa t to risk the full price in case I can’t stay on it. Thanks!

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      Hi Diana,
      Just check the homepage at T-Tapp on the third Tuesday of every month. We don’t know until it’s posted what will be on sale that month–it’s always a mystery deal! Or you can join my mailing list and I’ll send you an email each month so you won’t miss out!

  2. Hi Charlotte,
    I have the, “15-minute total workout plus hoe downs” book and DVD. My friend and I are in our late 50’s with about 40-50lbs to lose. We did the boot camp and are in our 4th week of every-other-day. Our bodies have shifted a bit, but NO REAL DIFFERENCE! The measuring tape has not budged!!!
    I am so discouraged! I have studied the book, and tried to do it the way Teresa Tapp does it on the DVD. What are we doing wrong? Am I supposed to feel heat? Should I be sweating? What is normal for our age? Is this supposed to have kicked in by now?



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