Your Future Success with T-Tapp

Your Future Success with T-Tapp

by Charlotte Siems

What do you hope for when you begin your journey of wellness and fitness? Rehabilitating bad knees? Controlling blood sugar issues? Reaching your dream size? How about just losing the holiday fluff from your belly?

When the UPS man dropped off the package from T-Tapp at my house, I had no idea where it would take me. The success stories on the website had already excited me, even though I was skeptical. The health benefits and “before and after” photos in Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes were inspiring. A tiny glimmer of hope sprang up. Maybe, just maybe, this exercise program would help my out-of-shape, couch potato body.

Every journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step. My first step was opening the box. The next step was putting the DVD in the player and pushing play. Many people have admitted to opening the box and putting the DVD on the shelf for several months. Last time I checked, workout videos that live on the shelf do not transform bodies.

Opening the box and watching the DVD was a good start, but the next step was DOING the workout.

The Instructional video struck fear in my heart, but having just spent a sum of money on the program, I felt obligated to try. That first workout was a quivering, flailing, sweating mess. I’m pretty sure I heard the china rattling in the cabinet in the next room the first time I tried HoeDowns. It was more than a little discouraging to feel so out of breath and uncoordinated.

Good thing T-Tapp was a DVD program. There was no way I would have made a public spectacle out of myself in the beginning. Workouts were carefully concealed in the bedroom with the door shut. Not even my husband was allowed into the inner sanctum while Teresa was on TV.

I hope you realize I was a typical T-Tapp newbie. How many people start the program only to get discouraged quickly with their lack of understanding or their feeling of inadequacy? That makes me sad. What would happen to their body if they kept going?

I had no idea what T-Tapp was going to do for my body. I didn’t have a crystal ball that showed a future prediction of “I see Charlotte losing 100 pounds…..She will reach a size 6….wooooo….”

There is no crystal ball that predicts your T-Tapp future, either.

You can’t see into the future and know what results you’ll get with T-Tapp. Stalled progress or slow inch loss can be discouraging, but what is around the corner? T-Tapp works from the inside out. You don’t know what is happening on the inside of your body, waiting to show on the outside. What if you get “stuck” in a certain size for three months, even though you are faithfully doing T-Tapp? If you quit because it doesn’t seem to be working, you’ll never know what would have happened for your future success.

What if you keep going and stay consistent with your workouts?

I’m no fortune teller but I see more energy and smaller thighs in your future. I see better health and smoother curves. What will you see in your future with T-Tapp? There’s only one way to find out.

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