Children Doing Chores: A Simple Approach to Making Your Home Harmonious (and Tidy!) eBook

Nothing brings on discouragement and stress quicker than a messy house and feeling like you have to clean it up all alone.

As a busy mom, you’ve got enough to do without being responsible for taking out the trash, mopping the floor and picking up all the clutter.

What’s a tired and overwhelmed mom to do?

Get some help.  Easier said than done?  You might be surprised.

The help you need is living right under your own roof—your children!

When your children pitch in to help with all the household stuff to do, it lifts a burden from your shoulders so you can breathe again.  And believe it or not, it’s good for them.

Six grown children (and six still at home) taught me a thing or two about the attitudes and problems that can come with teaching kids to work around the house.

Twenty-seven years of children doing chores at our house showed me what works (and what doesn’t).

Here’s your chance to put an end to solo housecleaning and get your team of one (or ten) on track to learn valuable life skills while giving you more time and less stress!

 Your all-in-one guide to getting kids to help out in this 41-page eBook :

  • Keys for success in getting children to work.  Page 10.
  • What to do when a task is poorly done.  Page 28.
  • The actual chore lists we use now.  Page 23.
  • Why your children SHOULD be doing chores at home  (hint:  it may not be what you think!).  Page 2.
  • Step-by-step instructions (with photos!) for easy, homemade chore charts that kids love to use.  Page 13.
  • Working with teens.  Page 7.
  • Quick checklist for getting started.  Page 35.

Say goodbye to complicated, guilt-inducing systems with small pieces and a know-it-all attitude.  You’ll immediately feel like you can do it!  And you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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