Happily Ever After: How Your T-Tapp Story Turns Out

Happily Ever After:  How Your T-Tapp Story Turns Out
 by Charlotte Siems


“I’m a homeschooling mom of seven, and your story gives me hope.”  “I’m middle-aged and my tummy is definitely my worst feature.  Reading your story gives me hope.”  “I’m so encouraged by your success.  It makes me think I can do it, too.”

These emails and messages come in weekly.  In the beginning, with that first hopeful inkling of starting to exercise, I had no idea where it would end up.  Losing two sizes, from 22W to 18W, to look better for a wedding was my idea of a final goal and the first chapter in my story.
And that was all I had the belief for.  Standing at the foot of a weight-loss mountain, looking up at 100 pounds to lose, was too overwhelming. Like a fairy tale, one hundred pounds was the faraway, magical dream, the someday-maybe and the I-don’t-have-time-or-energy impossibility.
I weighed 258 pounds and wore a size 22W, so my sights were set on getting into the 240’s and a size 20W. 
That first workout was a doozy.  I was out of breath and sweaty just from moving my arms in Plies.  It was a good thing that the bedroom door was closed.  I had never done an exercise routine before and my coordination was pitiful.  When I did my first set of Hoe Downs I’m pretty sure I heard the china rattling in the dining room. 
I bought my first pair of shorts in many years and a cheap pair of shoes for my new workout life.  The shoes lasted less than a week before I bought Skechers Energy 2250 on the advice of T-Tappers on the T-Tapp forum.  I even donned a tank top and felt practically athletic.
One of the first challenges of moving my body was having to look in the mirror while I worked out.  Our small bedroom has a large mirror above a sink area so there was no escaping.  I didn’t like looking at my large arms and lumpy hips and big, round tummy.  But in some ways it was good for me, because it forced me to face reality.
I was tempted to give up before I started.  No one likes doing something they’re not good at.  How do you get good at something?  By doing it.  Over and over.  I was surprised at what just a week or two did for my coordination and endurance.
Within days my arms and legs seemed firmer.  Skin brushing made my skin so soft and silky.  My energy levels soared, but it took a couple of weeks.  At first I was just tired and sore. 
My body went through a detox phase.  I had done so little physical movement for so long, getting the lymph moving was a bit of a challenge.  I felt emotionally “down” for a couple of weeks at first.  But from my reading on the forum I knew that it was probably detox, so I took salt baths and cried when I needed to and it eventually passed.
Getting started was not pretty.  I huffed and I puffed.  My form was way off.  I didn’t have the mind-to-muscle connections to place my body in the correct positions.  My fat got in the way.  Seriously.
But I just kept going.  Even when I felt ridiculous or discouraged. 
I kept going by keeping it doable.  Sure, I had seasons of doing more long workouts.  Short seasons.  And those seasons were really good for me, as I think they did things to rehabilitate my body on the inside.
But over the long haul, being realistic about what I could physically, mentally and emotionally handle was crucial.  I knew that an all-or-nothing attitude would burn me out so it was more of a some-and-something lifestyle.  For me, four 15-minute workouts a week were better than one 15-minute workout plus one 45-minute workout that didn’t get done because I dreaded it.
You know the rest of the story.  I grew up to become a T-Tapp Trainer, appeared in Woman’s Day magazine and my story went on to inspire tens of thousands of people all over the world.  All from sweating through a DVD in my bedroom with the door closed.
I don’t know where you are in your T-Tapp journey.  I would never in a million years have dreamed that I would end up where I have.  But I do believe that your story can have a happy ending, too.  Start writing your story today, with that first workout, sweat and all.  You’ll love how it turns out.
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headshot1 150x150 Ageless Beauty:  An Interview with 84 Year Old Berei From the T Tapp OfficeCharlotte Siems is a home-maker, home manager, T-Tapp Trainer, teacher, speaker and author.  Her story of losing over 100 pounds with T-Tapp has encouraged thousands of people all over the world.  She specializes in making home management and T-Tapp “doable” for real people and real life.  She is happy to be a wife and mother of twelve children whom she has successfully taught at home for 25 years.




  1. Than You!! It is so sweet of you to continually share your story so that others can benefit and you can as well!

  2. Dear Charlotte,

    You have been the inspiration for me in TTapp.  Right now, my daughter and I have done 13 days out of 16 days of ttapp.  Trouble is…I measured and have gained a BUNCH of inches on my abs and pecs.  I never heard of anyone who gained.  I am a hs mom of many children, have a busy husband and an elderly mom to help care for and thought this was my answer.  But if there is any chance ttapp makes us gain in inches (I know and understand weight gain as muscle weighs more than fat, but is denser), I need to know.

    I was not able to sleep last night after the horror of gaining so many inches along with ttapping.  It was frightening to me in a way I can’t explain.  I cannot even fit into my fat jeans right now.   I am bigger WITH ttapp.  Will ttapp NOT work for some people?  I have been very high on this as I had an initial inch loss and boost of energy and many have bought and begun ttapping because of what I said.  But now, I have never been so big, except when pregnant.  Do you know what is going on?  Is this in Teresa’s book, or your book?  I have both, and have read and re-read them.  Would you be willing to answer me?  Has TTAPP ever NOT worked for people?  My daughter and I are constantly working on our form. And we sweat and our hearts race as we work hard.  I did read that we should keep going even if our form isn’t perfect because we would still lose and that hasn’t happened.  You have done this for several years now and seem to know alot, could you advise?  I do want it to work for me, but will go back to walking (which takes ALOT of time) rather than continue down this path.  Appreciate any help you can send my way. 

    1. Anonymous says:

      Breathe.  After T-Tapping for 13 out of 16 days, it is very possible that your tissues are retaining fluid and are in a state of inflammation.  Take a day or two off and measure again.  Measure again in a week.  It is hard to tell without seeing you, of course, but it is entirely possible that you have form issues.  Moms (especially those of us with many children) tend to let our ribs sink down into our hips.  A really common form error is to let knees straighten and come in throughout the workout.  When I correct people they are always surprised.  Losing the tuck is also very, very common.  Perhaps your feet are too far apart.  These little things can make a difference.  Hope this helps!

  3. Yes, thanks for posting.  You have also been an encouragement to me!  I really want to have another baby before I hit 40 but had terrible postpartum preeclampsia with my last baby.  I don’t feel like it would be wise to get pregnant this fat and out of shape.  So I’m back to eating well and T-Tapping!  You are definitely an inspiration!

  4. Kristine Ruetz says:

    Dear Charlotte,

    I just started T-Tapping almost five weeks ago.  My friend from Ohio read your story (through Pinterest and by accident!).  She sent your story to me for my daughter who is overweight and prediabetic at 14 years old.  So, my daughter and I decided to do this together.  The journey has been amazing really.  However, hearing your ups and downs is essential to my journey because I have felt similar things!  Anyways, I listened to your video and you mentioned about Ribs lifted lat set.  I am trying to do that but my lat muscles are not strong enough to support my shoulders.  So, I find that I am often tense in my upper/middle back from working on it.  So, here is my question:  When you practice, how often or how long do I hold that position in place?  I would like a little bit of specifics on how that looks on a daily basis. 

    Also, because I am a beginner.  I have done the BWO+ Bootcamp for 10 days and now every other day.   On the off day, I do Hoedowns, and PBS.  I do see some toning, loss backfat, and some side shaping.  However, my stomach is popped like I am 5 months pregnant.  I guess that is why I wanted to practice the Ribs lifted lats set. I really have no desire to do the TWO but SATI and skin brushing.  I am somewhat (doubting) if this enough to do? Also, I am content wiith the 15 mins. a day. 

    I am so thankful that you share your thoughts and insight to help/encourage us not to give up.  Thank you so much!!   Blessings from Michigan!

    Kristine Ruetz

    1. Anonymous says:

      If you (even slightly) force shoulders back you cause tension and if you lean back slightly in an effort to keep shoulders back, tummy will pop out in front and you will build muscle over that round tummy.  Yikes!

      1. Kristine Ruetz says:

         Ok, thanks!!  How often should I practice this?  Three times a day?

        1. Anonymous says:

          No limit–whenever you think about it.  You’ll forget and sag down again, then remember and lift ribs.  It’s really just good posture.  Do it sitting, standing, walking….eventually you’ll get stronger and it will be easier.  Don’t knock yourself out, but do make an effort.  🙂

  5. Dear Charlotte,

    Thanks for responding to me.  I may need to have my form checked personally thru video or however, but for now I will do what you say.  Can I ask about your response to Kristine?  My tummy also has popped out, so how do I get into the stance without forcing my shoulders back and leaning back to get my hips/shoulders into alignment?  This is what it looks and sounds like Teresa and you ladies say and do.  I did find a ttapp trainer in my area (if she still does it) and am just waiting for her to respond to me.  Thanks again and have a great week…it is gorgeous in the KS/OK area now!   Blessings!

  6. Dear Charlotte, THANK YOU! Your story not only inspired me to begin…and try to be consistent…it is what keeps me getting back up and T-tapping each week. Thank you for writing the emails. As a wife and homeschooling mother I know it is not because you don’t have enough to do! Even though our hope is in the LORD, it still encourages our hope for life by hearing your story. Thank you again. Warmest regards,

  7. Today was my first day doing Ttapping. I am starting with the MORE dvd because I don't think I can handle anything higher. In fact, I know I can't. I was so glad to read that you didn't do everything right to begin with because I can't make my body do some of the things that Theresa is telling me to make it do. My goal is to lose enough inches that my body is healthy enough to stop taking the medications that I'm on. Thanks for your story!

  8. Thank you for writing.  I am 46 and have been t-tapping for almost 3 years, and am completely discouraged.  I just found measurements I took two years ago, and they are identical to where I am measuring today, and my weight is the same. I have 9 children, the last two were by csection, and I have had abdominal surgery for appendicitis, and it was in the wrong place so my incision is vertical under my belly button.  I have diastasis recti of about 7 fingers.  I can feel the improvement in my posture and see/feel the muscle tone, but I can't get rid of this belly no matter what I do.  I am very conscious about form, and ttapp 4-6 days a week, using BWO+ or SATI.   Are their people/bodies Ttapp doesn't work for???  I've ordered the brushing system and am praying it will make a difference.

  9. Charlotte I just showed my husband your inspirational video last night. He’s been joining me when he can to T-Tapp. He needs the rehab benefits for a sore shoulder and hips. I’m in the less to lose category (10-15 lbs, 2 sizes) but it was your blog that inspired me to go with T-Tapp. I’ve worked out and exercised all my life but in my 40’s I needed something more than just fitness. If I expect to have more children I need health! I was feeling low energy and other numerous complaints. I’m in my second month of T-Tapp. Not much time but doing 15 minutes 4 times a week is my goal. Although I love Tempo Lower Body. Thank you for sharing your story.

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