How to Be a Happy Homeschool Mom

As a member of the blog team at HipHomeschoolMoms, I recently contributed this article. It was published in the “Encouragement” category, and it’s my hope that it will indeed encourage you–and maybe gently change your perspective!


What comes to mind as you think about your upcoming homeschool week? Anticipation and joy? Dread and frustration? Many of us don’t understand the power of “everyday” in creating our future life. A succession of “everydays” have created our situation and life today. Fortunately, we can harness the power of our thoughts about our “everydays” and learn how to be a happy homeschool mom.

If you have a “my life is hard” attitude, you’re probably thinking and speaking that. No matter what your situation, there’s someone in the world who is doing the same things with an attitude of gratefulness and creativity to handle the situation.

We have a choice to view homeschooling as an honor, blessing, and opportunity….or as an obstacle we’re trying to avoid and hide from. To be fair, much of this is a learned behavior from parents and friends who complain about their jobs, their bosses, and their responsibilities. It’s like we have permission to dislike our daily lives because we don’t get to do what we want! Read more at HipHomeschoolMoms…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is an amazing article. After 21 years of mothering and 14 years of homeschooling, you are teaching me the power of my attitude and choosing my thoughts by Gods grace. Thankyou!!
    Last summer when I was doing some much needed revamping of my lifestyle, I purchased your chores ebook and time management class with Minutes ebook. I enjoyed them and wanted to read them again before school starts, but can’t find them on my computer. Can I get access to them again possibly?

    Jeanette Anderson

    1. Charlotte says:

      Jeanette, I am at a T-Tapp event in Florida and Internet is spotty, but later today I will email you with instructions for getting those! Glad to encourage you!

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