T-Tapp Holiday Fitness Rescue

T-Tapp Holiday Fitness Rescue

by Charlotte Siems

Okay, folks, we’re down to the wire.  Some of you have already finished your shopping and wrapping.  Some of you are just getting started.  Most of you are somewhere in between.  But no matter where you stand on your list of to-do’s, time is at a premium the next few days. 

If it makes you feel better, think about shopping and wrapping for a family of twenty-two (counting spouses and grandchildren).  Hey, if I can do it, YOU can. 

I’ve got a few small gifts to buy, many to wrap and baking to take care of.  That doesn’t count regular meals, laundry, solving the world’s problems with visiting college students and reading to little children.  I love my busy life, but it takes mindful planning to keep up some semblance of a workout schedule during this busy season.

In fact, I freely admit that exercise has taken a back seat the last few weeks.  But I keeping telling myself my own advice and remember that a short workout DONE is better than any workout PLANNED and HOPED FOR and FELT GUILTY ABOUT (and not done).

If this is where you’ve been this holiday season, make a deal with me.  This week, and next—through Christmas Eve–at least do Primary Back Stretch and a set of Hoe Downs before you jump in the shower.  Some days you might want to do a super-short workout like half of Menopause Management or a few TappCore moves.  Give yourself permission to do a short workout and call it good.  We’re going for health benefits and maintenance here.

If you have it within your power (and schedule) to do more, go for it.  I’m just working with the current reality available to me.  

Remember:  do SOMETHING every day.  Yes, you can.

Let some powerful little T-Tapp moves rescue your fitness plan this holiday season!

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  1. Charlotte, thank you so much for the encouragement!

  2. I am definitely in!!! I have been doing 1/3 of HHMM instructional each day and loving it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m in and I needed that encouragement I have been off for a week and really don’t want all the holidays to slide by without me taking care of my body!!

  4. I’m in! I’m trying to recover from 7+ weeks of complete bedrest, (high-risk pregnancy) and a C-Section. I definitely need to keep going over the holidays.

  5. Fitness is a mandatory thing for every human being. For maintain that exercise is definitely needed. For that we don’t have any time daily. So that must be done in holiday vacation.

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