Homeschool Graduation

Last Sunday evening we reached a family milestone.  Our sixth homeschooled student graduated from high school, which marked the halfway point in my homeschool teaching career.  Twenty-three years of teaching, with a bunch more to come.  I will literally be retirement age when our last student graduates.

As a little girl I always wanted to be a teacher and a mother, so I am living my dream!

We had a nice party for our son, with punch and chips with salsa from Chili’s, peanut M&M’s, pretzels and delicious chocolate cupcakes. 

The cupcakes were baked and decorated by my oldest daughter.  They had the cutest little graduation caps on top, made out of a chocolate-dipped Wheat Thin cracker set on a miniature Reese’s cup, with a red licorice tassel and mini M&M button. 

The punch recipe was invented by the same daughter along with her cousin for her grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary a few years ago and I will share it soon.

The ceremony was simple–a welcome and prayer, short video of the grad’s life (produced by another older daughter), tear-jerking thank-you speech, and a prayer of blessing.  People stayed and enjoyed visiting and a good time was had by all.

I’m still processing.  The video included footage of a much-loved namesake great-uncle praying over our newborn son, and brought to mind a little freckle-faced three-year-old walking around the yard with a chicken under each arm.  They don’t talk much about the season of transition and yes, grief, that mothers feel when their babies grow up and drive off into the sunset.  I’ll tiptoe back to my room for a good cry, then resume life in a busy household.