Free Homeschool Audios with Charlotte Siems

The homeschooling journey can seem like a long road ahead when you’re in the middle of it.  Sometimes it feels like you’re lost and you need a map!
The best guide to get you back on track is someone who has experience and results.  Better yet, someone who is STILL on the journey beside you!
Charlotte Siems has been homeschooling twelve children for 28 years, and has graduated eight of her students so far. Five have graduated from college and two are in college.
She’s still teaching the four children remaining at home, keeping up with the laundry and meals, loving her husband and running a successful home business.
If you need encouragement, practical tips and life-changing insights on homeschooling with happiness and confidence, these audios are just the thing!
For less than the price of a renting a movie, these audios bring you fresh perspective.  You’ll come away with a feeling of “I can do this!”


As seen on The Pioneer Woman!

As a home management expert, T-Tapp trainer, teacher, speaker and author, Siems completely understands what it means to be a working mom, including the challenge of balancing it all. If you get an opportunity to hear Charlotte Siems speak, take it. She is a delight. ~ Heather Sanders, OMSH blog

I just wanted to say thank you for speaking from your heart yesterday – you ministered to me in a very Godly and powerful way. And to think that I had not planned to attend your seminar, but changed my selection at the last minute!! I love the way God works! ~ Rhonda B.

Thank you so much for sharing…with another overdrawn mom (or should I say mothers!) What you had to say made SO much sense that I bought the CD and I’m going to share it with all of my overdrawn friends! ~ Amy B.
Just wanted to let you know that your talk on changing negative thought patterns was life changing for me! Thanks!! ~ Deann D.

Listen FREE to these two one-hour audios:

Woman Holding Fresh LaundryYou Don’t Have to Choose Between Homeschooling and Clean Underwear (including Children and Chores)

Manage your life, so it doesn’t manage you!  Here are tools for managing your life so that you live the way you want:  schedules, to-do lists, goals and more—without the guilt.  Keeping up with the laundry, house, meals and your marriage while teaching your children.


A young woman sitting in a cafe with shopping bagsIf Life is a Bank, Then I’m Overdrawn!

Busy moms wear so many hats, it’s easy to get stressed and discouraged.  This older mom of twelve shares ways to get beyond being overwhelmed and stressed, how to change your attitude, and how to improve your health and home atmosphere with the things she wishes she’d known as a younger mom.