How to Get That Dreaded Task Done….and Like It

How to Get That Dreaded Task Done….and Like It 

by Charlotte Siems

Saturday morning conjures up images of sleeping in, puttering about the house, sipping coffee and cruising the internet.  Except when you have something else you HAVE to do. 
A recent Saturday morning task presented me with a few problems.  It was time to work on some financial reports in preparation for taxes.  Procrastination had resulted in a pileup of papers and it was time to sort through and process them.
It was a daunting task, compounded by a dreary cold day and a multitude of other things I’d rather be doing.  So I took myself in hand to set the stage for a more pleasant tour of duty.  Here are three A’s that helped:
Atmosphere.  I gathered a few things to stage a pleasant workspace:  the blooming geranium from the kitchen window, a pretty little lamp, a cold glass of water, bright little children’s books to act as paper weights for the piles and a yummy candle:
Attitude.  Dreading the task was not helping the situation.  It was going to have to be done so may as well get busy and not think too much.  I began to view the job with thankfulness that we have finances at all.
Action.  It has been said that action cures fear.  Do you ever feel a little silly when you get started on a dreaded task and find that it is just fine?  We tend to make mental mountains out of molehill chores.
This doesn’t start with “A,” but building in some pleasant breaks and rewards brightened the day.  Promising myself some Pinterest time after a certain point and stopping for a snack in another room broke up the time and kept me motivated to push a little farther.
The next time you’re faced with an un-favorite job that you’ve been putting off, think about what you could do to make it more pleasant and doable.  Perhaps set a timer and just do fifteen minutes today.  Tidy up the area, create some atmosphere.  You may find that the task you’ve been dreading turns out to be enjoyable after all.

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