Former Overwhelmed, Messy Mom of 12
Reveals How You Can Love Your Life as a Mom
Without Giving In to Perfectionism, Overwork,
Stress or Super-Mommy Syndrome
Cure your “Housekeeping Headaches” and solve
your real-life Mom Problems while saving tons of time and energy!

Dear Busy Woman, Wife, Mom, Teacher and Household Manager,

Do you dream of an organized, smooth-running household, with happy children cheerfully pitching in to do their part—but then you wake up? 

Do you wish you knew simple ways to finally get the laundry under control to have more free time without guilt—while you’re sitting on the clothes piled on the couch? 

Maybe you just need help in one or two areas of your home and life management so that you’ll have less headaches and more sense of control.

As a busy, overcommitted mom, you’re probably looking for the quickest, easiest ways to keep up with the house and all you have to do.  After having twelve children and facing the mountain of laundry that piled up with them, I’m right there with you.

Starting out as an overwhelmed home manager, eventually I found ways to lighten the load and keep things simple so as to enjoy life beyond housework.

Our house went from piles of clutter, paper and clothes to mostly organized.  Mostly means realistic, doable and comfortable, not perfect and sterile and unrealistic.

No matter how busy you are with activities, work, homeschooling and whatever else life dishes up, you don’t have to live in a discouraging mess.

You can have a tidy, pretty home that is warm and welcoming to your family and friends.

You can discover the shortcuts and no-nonsense practical tips that make running your household easier than ever.

You can master the secrets for the fastest road to a result, with no fancy programs or unrealistic expectations, with:


This Lovely Place How-To Guides

This series gives you instant access to time-saving, step-by-step guides designed specifically for busy moms!


New!  Minutes:  Making Time to Get It All Done

Probably the #1 question Moms ask me is “How do you get it all done?”  Making time for your marriage, family, housework, grocery shopping and everything else stretches you to the limit most days.  Let an experienced (and very busy) Mom show you how to get more out of your time and keep track of your to-do’s so that you can get your stuff done without getting stressed out and overwhelmed. 

  • How to use a planner (and smartphone) to stay organized.  Page 16.
  • The first thing to change to get control of your time.  Page 2.
  • How to start your morning for a calm and productive day.   Page 7.
  • Things that won’t help when it comes to time management.  Page 27.
  • Specifics for using lists in new ways.  Page 12.

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New!  Tidiness:  The Art of Keeping House

A tidy and organized house… it just a dream?  It doesn’t have to be, when you know the shortcuts to keeping house.  A house that is reasonably clean (not perfect) goes a long way toward lessening stress and keeping the family happy.  Here are realistic tips learned the hard way over years of working with a large-size family in a regular-size house.

  • How to arrange your kitchen to be more efficient.  Page 17.
  • Why it’s important to have a pretty bedroom.  Page 22.
  • A surprising favorite tool for home management.  Page 28.
  • How to start small if you’re overwhelmed.  Page 11.
  • Tips for cleaning and organizing throughout the house.  

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Edibles:  Meal Planning on a Budget

A family’s gotta eat, and they eat more than once a day!  The drive-thru window can help you occasionally, but eating at home saves your budget and keeps the family together around the table.  Instead of wandering through the grocery store, wondering what to cook for supper, this guide to simple meal planning will save you time and money:


  • Tips for feeding your family on a budget—from a mom of 12!  Page 8.
  • Quick and easy supper meals for the busiest days.  Page 11.
  • Simple weekly meal planning system.  Page 2.
  • Sample menus and shopping lists for longer planning.  Page 5.
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Laundry:  Keeping Up with Clean & Dirty Clothes

Just when you thought it was safe, the laundry starts spawning all over the house and you’re stuck with a pile of dirty clothes.
[break][/break]Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with it all, but it’s also hard when you find that no one has clean clothes to wear!  
[break][/break]If you don’t have a live-in maid or a personal laundromat with multiple washers and dryers, this is the eBook for you.  Like all How-to Guides, it shares practical wisdom from someone who has done (and is doing) the things she teaches.  If you have Extreme Laundry, here’s help:
  • How to do an Emergency Laundry Intervention when the pile is overwhelming.  Page 3.
  • A simple laundry system to keep it under control.  Page 7.
  • Favorite (and effective) stain-removing recipe.  Page 17.
  • Simple steps to sort and store seasonal clothing.  Page 14.
  • Getting rid of the clutter that makes a mountain of laundry.  Page 5.
  • 17 pages of Tips and Truth from a mom who is in the laundry trenches with you!
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Children Doing Chores: A Simple Approach to Making Your Home Harmonious (and Tidy!)

Nothing brings on discouragement and stress quicker than a messy house and feeling like you have to clean it up all alone.

As a busy mom, you’ve got enough to do without being responsible for taking out the trash, mopping the floor and picking up all the clutter.

What’s a tired and overwhelmed mom to do?

Get some help.  Easier said than done?  You might be surprised.

The help you need is living right under your own roof—your children!

When your children pitch in to help with all the household stuff to do, it lifts a burden from your shoulders so you can breathe again.  And believe it or not, it’s good for them.

Six grown children (and six still at home) taught me a thing or two about the attitudes and problems that can come with teaching kids to work around the house.

Twenty-seven years of children doing chores at our house showed me what works (and what doesn’t)

Here’s your chance to put an end to solo housecleaning and get your team of one (or ten) on track to learn valuable life skills while giving you more time and less stress!

 Your all-in-one guide to getting kids to help out in this 41-page eBook :

  • Keys for success in getting children to work.  Page 10.
  • What to do when a task is poorly done.  Page 28.
  • The actual chore lists we use now.  Page 23.
  • Why your children SHOULD be doing chores at home  (hint:  it may not be what you think!).  Page 2.
  • Step-by-step instructions (with photos!) for easy, homemade chore charts that kids love to use.  Page 13.
  • Working with teens.  Page 7.
  • Quick checklist for getting started.  Page 35.

Say goodbye to complicated, guilt-inducing systems with small pieces and a know-it-all attitude.  You’ll immediately feel like you can do it!  And you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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