Inch Loss Reality

Lately I’ve been hearing from women who are discouraged about their inch loss statistics.  “I only lost an inch.”  “I’m only down 1/2″ after two weeks.”  I feel bad for their discouragement.  Sure, I got discouraged during my journey from size 22w to size 6, but I tried not to LIVE in discouragement.  We don’t really have control over thoughts of discouragement that pop into our head but we don’t have to water and fertilize them.

There is a misconception about inch loss, especially by those who are just starting out with T-Tapp or those who are impatient to reach their goal (so that includes the majority of us).  When they hear the success stories of “I lost 20″ this month!” or “I lost 6″ this weekend!” they look at their own 1″ loss and feel despair.  Maybe this reality check will help:

1.  Those who have More to Lose will usually lose more.  I lost 5-7″ the first week (I can’t remember exactly which and I’m too lazy to go dig out the notebook and check for sure).  But remember I weighed 258 pounds and hadn’t gotten out of the recliner for 25 years so any movement was bound to have an effect.

2.  Those who lose several inches in a weekend have usually put in a hard effort of more than one workout in a day.  Safety Harbor and T-Tapp clinics come to mind.  (Note:  for me personally, I see inch loss from harder efforts like this 2-3 weeks AFTER).

3.  Someone looking at my 140″+ loss might think I lost bunches of inches each week.  Nope.  I did manage to get out of my chair and find THAT notebook and this is what I found across the weeks:  1/2″….0″….1 1/2″….0″….2″….1/2″….  Occasionally I did have a banner week, like 4″ (after 5 days of the MORE Instructional several months in to my Tapping experience).  

Remember The Tortoise and the Hare?  Those bigger inch-loss weeks are definitely motivating and encouraging, but it’s the vast majority of 1″ weeks that add up.  That doesn’t even take into consideration how many inches you DIDN’T GAIN because you were T-Tapping.  I remember getting through my first holiday season with T-Tapp.  In November, December and January I lost 4″ total and 4 pounds.  Read that again.  4″ and 4 pounds in three months.  Not too impressive, huh?  But there are 52 weeks in a year and you throw in some 2-3″ weeks in there and it adds up, ladies. 

So the next time you’re tempted to give up because you’re not losing like crazy, think again.  Read success stories like T-Tapp Trainers Diane Adamick and Jeanne Zimet (Slow Losers Win).  Keep learning form and progressing in your workouts.  And just keep Tapping.


  1. Willing2serve says:

    Thank you SO MUCH Charlotte! I believe the Lord must’ve prompted you to write this post because I SO needed it. I can’t tell you how encouraging it is to hear your recount of your weeks and your good words of wisdom. I lost 26″ the first 30 days, but 1/2″, 0″, etc since. And that’s with doing BWO+ everyday. I have SO far to go….but I will keep Tapping. 🙂 Thank you. THANK YOU. You are such a blessing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad it encouraged you. Sometimes looking at the Big Picture is good, but in the case of looking at someone else’s results it can skew the view. 26″ in 30 days is amazing, but those half inches and inches in the next 52 weeks will REALLY add up. Giving up = NO inch loss!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much, Charlotte. This is really encouraging. I know Rome wasn’t built in a day–but we still wish it could be!!! I’m settling in for the long haul. I know that SOMETHING is better than NOTHING! And quitting will certainly equal nothing!

  4. Sistergirl says:

    Great job on the weight loss, I hope to lose some weight this week soon.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This looks like an AWESOME Boot Camp! I would love the opportunity to win something like this life changing event!
    Thanks for being such an inspiration for us one T-Tapp move at a time!

  6. WONDERFUL advice and encouragement, as usual! ; ) You are an inspiration, Charlotte! I’m bookmarking this to post a link to for those discouraged T-Tappers I know!

    HUGS to you!


  7. Anonymous says:

    Charlotte, This is so encouraging, thanks for sharing. I go up and down because of exactly what you talk about. I do really well and then when I don’t see results I get discouraged. Last year I had a huge business opportunity in Texas…I had 3 months lead time to get in shape…worked out walked everyday, ate healthy and felt great!!! Got back from the trip and saw some pictures that were taken at the meeting and about died to see how horrible I looked!!! Thought I looked better than that !Ugh! So Here I am a year later and thinking maybe I need to start again. You inspire me!

    1. Anonymous says:

      You go, girl! The only way I know to get results is to start again. 🙂 T-Tapp rehabs the body from the inside out so sometimes it takes a while to see it on the outside, but when it does, it’s worth the wait! Best wishes to you on your journey!

  8. Rose Kirkland says:

    Love the encouragement you give. Great writing skills.

  9. Thanks, Charlotte. Any suggestions for someone who has been doing the BWO+ and not seeing results. It was effective earlier but… Getting discouraged and not sure how to get from discouraged to .. Yes, You Can!!
    Thank you.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Any chance you can see a Trainer or attend a clinic? Hard to say without seeing you, but form issues can slow down inch loss. Try doing Instructional #1 if it’s been a while since you’ve done it. I learn something every time!

  10. I’m here to tell you that losing AT ALL during the holidays is impressive. Very impressive! I always gain, so that now I figure I’m good if it is only a pound or two. This last holiday season, it was 5. And it is so hard to get those pounds back off!! How did you cope with the holidays? I know to avoid the sweets and exercise… and I tried to…. but maybe I did give in a little too often.

  11. Abbie Segovia says:

    Thank you Thank you Charlotte for posting such encouraging words! It’s a marathon NOT a race!!

  12. Kim Taylor says:

    Thanks Charlotte, this is a good reminder. The future is bright!

  13. Phyllis Fairless says:

    Thankyou Charlotte – good to see how you lost inches.
    People I know will visit with me and they’ll say,
    “you look good.”

    Best part is I used to have a foot that hurt all the time.
    If I went out walking it would swell – lots of pain.
    After doing T-Tapp work outs for a month it doesn’t hurt.
    Doesn’t swell anymore. What did that?

    I had a bicycle accident that caused it. It hurt for
    at least 5 yrs.

  14. Charlotte says:

    Congratulations, Phyllis!! T-Tapp is so good at rehabilitating muscle imbalance, so that might be what helped your foot. I’m so happy for you!

  15. theSweetone:) says:

    Charlotte I can’t thank you enough!!! You always know exactly how to encourage us 🙂 last year I t-tapped for about 3-4 months and basically saw no improvement, but I try to keep going. December was bad, I stopped because we had TONS of goings on, but I just started again, tried TWO — but think I’ll go back to BWO+ a couple of days first :s Thank you again for everything.p.s. I also am a homescholling Mamma (only 4 🙂 but you know how busy it all is, specially w/little ones 😀 — May our Father continue to bless you and lift you up!! hugs

  16. Bonnie Pederson says:

    just starting week 3 only lost 1/2 inch around my waist. I am starting to get discouraged. I know it all takes time I just wish it would go faster.

  17. Charlotte Siems says:

    Bonnie, bless your heart! It’s possible that some form tweaks would help you. Have you been over to the T-Tapp forum to ask questions? Try shortening your stance: make a mitten with your hand, fold in the thumb and place on the floor between your feet. Your index finger and pinkie should touch your shoe on either side. See if that helps!

  18. Ellen Summers - Stillwater says:

    I am in the over 60 group and almost 4 years into Ttapp. I did not have a huge amount to lose but ‘every’ inch matters…to me. Getting a strong core and strength/definition in my legs was my Ttapp plus. Too much ‘results’ to quit or slow down. Just doing a 15 minute a day basic sets up my whole day for energy and success. It is never never too late to begin this workout…if you do fall off due to discouragement (and i have)…get right back in that saddle, asap. There is not anything else out there with the overall benefits as Ttapp!

  19. gabrielle says:

    Thank you for this article. It is exactly what I needed to read!

  20. This came in my inbox today and I’m so glad you sent this blog to me. I needed this one. I am a slow loser and the process is very difficult. This is my achilles heel. It’s what trips me up every time I have tried to lose weight. Thank you so very much! Exactly what I needed to hear.

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      I’m so glad to encourage you, Monica! Celebrate every inch as you go!

  21. I wish you had the T-Tapp videos showing us how to do it. I do not understand the feet turned out and how long each one is to be done. Only see a fee on you tube. Do you have any videos it would be helpful to me.

    1. Charlotte Siems says:

      Marge, dear, it’s okay–form is a progression, not perfection. The T-Tapp forums have a wealth of information. You can look up any moves you don’t understand in the book or on the forums. The only time feet are turned out is on Plies and Reach Scoops. Other than that, it’s toes forward, with feet four fingers apart. That’s closer than it shows on the video, by the way. Hope this helps!

  22. I am in the same boat…I am down 30 pounds and 60 more to go….I need to keep looking forward, not back! I also need to get on the TTapp wagon. I’ve been doing the Trim Healthy Mama diet and it has helped so much, especially with my Hashimoto’s. Thanks for this post!

  23. Love this reminder, Charlotte. Thanks for the encouragement! ~Heidi

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