Laundry:  Keeping Up with Clean & Dirty Clothes

Just when you thought it was safe, the laundry starts spawning all over the house and you’re stuck with a pile of dirty clothes.


Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with it all, but it’s also hard when you find that no one has clean clothes to wear!


If you don’t have a live-in maid or a personal laundromat with multiple washers and dryers, this is the eBook for you.  Like all How-to Guides, it shares practical wisdom from someone who has done (and is doing) the things she teaches.  If you have Extreme Laundry, here’s help:


  • How to do an Emergency Laundry Intervention when the pile is HUGE.  Page 3.
  • A simple laundry system to keep it under control.  Page 7.
  • Favorite (and effective) stain-removing recipe.  Page 17.
  • Simple steps to sort and store seasonal clothing.  Page 14.
  • Getting rid of the clutter that makes a mountain of laundry.  Page 5.
  • 17 pages of Tips and Truth from a mom who is in the laundry trenches with you!

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