The Last Days Before Christmas

baking Christmas cookies

The recent Connecticut school tragedy is on our minds.  We all wonder what it must be like for the families, facing these unthinkable circumstances.  Somehow the fact that it happened right before Christmas makes it even more tragic and heartrending.  Our thoughts and constant prayers are turned towards the city of Newtown, the Sandy Hook school and every person affected by the tragedy.

Our own lives will go on, and from the viewpoint of the bereaved it seems a little unfair.  I remember times in my life when I felt out of place at the grocery store.  All these people shopping, trying to decide what to have for dinner, and they couldn’t see that my heart was broken and I wasn’t sure I’d ever be happy again.  Most of us have felt that way during a season of grief and loss in our lives.

It wouldn’t help anyone to cancel our holiday or feel guilty that we will celebrate with our little children.  But we can remember that there is no “someday.”  We only have today, this moment.

In all the hustle and bustle (and believe me, I’ve got plenty of hustling to do this week), don’t forget to read stories and put a bow in a little girl’s hair.  Make cookies, but this time include the little ones.  Wrap presents, and think grateful thoughts for each recipient instead of being aggravated that you have so much to do.

Oh, excuse me, I was talking to myself.

In these last days before Christmas, celebrate and give love every chance you get.  We never regret the times we were patient and cheerful.  We don’t later wish we hadn’t encouraged someone or gone out of our way to help them feel loved.

Stay present.  Make memories.  Don’t miss anything.  And continue to pray for the broken-hearted.


  1. Charlotte, bless you for taking the time out of your whirlwind activities to find some moments to encourage and exhort the rest of us. We, too, pray for the victims’ families and loved ones who face unimaginable loss. We CANNOT imagine, but only hold our little ones in extra hugs.

  2. Dear Charlotte,

    Good morning! Or is it really, good mid-morning for you at close to 9AM? I wanted to thank you for including your newsletter in your busy schedule. I had never focused on the time that it was written/posted. This one is recorded in my email at 5:05AM. My goodness! I admire your discipline and commitment to your goals,now even more than ever.

    Thank you for your inspiring words on a beautiful Christmas season. I will keep you in mind and focus on what is important which is spending the quality time with those we love.

    I have my own little plan for T Tapping during the season, and won’t be tough on myself if I skip a day or two because I decide other things are more dear to me during the season.

    Finally, thank you for expressing so beautifully how the world is feeling during this sad moment of loss for so many littly angels.

    May your family reunions be loud, cheerful, and full of love.


    Lourdes Capo
    Puerto Rico

  3. Betti Hofer says:

    you are so inspiring to me , Charlotte ! God Bless you for letting Him use you to encourage us ! Do you have any suggestions on books to read aloud for teenagers ?Blessings ! Betti

  4. Well said, Charlotte. I am really trying this year to be present for my family. I’m not frantically baking TONS of cookies. Just a few mixes and cookies my 8 year old can help with. And I am trying to be present and grateful to my helpful husband. In the back of my mind I am trying to be present for myself … we only get this December 17th; no do-overs. I am hopeful I can live in the moment. Merry Christmas to all!!

  5. Ronda Wagner says:

    Thank you Charlotte!

  6. Thank you, Charlotte. This is a lovely message of encouragement and hope for the advent season. You truly are a blessing to many here. I am so very happy to discover your link. God Bless you and all in your life.

  7. Beautiful post Charlotte. My heart, too, is breaking for all of those families who lost loved ones, and for the whole community. I remember the year my brother was killed in a tragic accident right before Christmas, feeling much the same as you alluded to… These kinds of tragedies are something we will never understand, but they are times that give us the opportunity to be sensitive and reflect the love of Christ. Thanks for reminding all of us.

  8. Swietenia says:

    Charlotte _ there are sooooo many things I wish I could share with you that have happened to our family this year, it has been THOUGH (VERY grateful we’re all still alive though). Our whole lives changed literally from one moment to the next … anyway…I have been very melo these last couple of weeks, specially about my family (who have all come for Christmas, most at my house!!! :). Like I said, so many things to share, but I actually just want to give a big THANKS to you, for encouraging us, I know how busy you are, but you still think of every one, and have good advise for us all. God bless you Charlotte, and your family — keep enjoying!!!

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