Think Before You Listen

A short word to the wise:  if you want advice about an area of life, find someone who has achieved what you are aiming for. 
In general, don’t take marriage advice from people who complain about their spouse, parenting advice from people with unhappy, out-of-control children, and homeschooling advice from people who assure you that they are perfect and if you follow their system you can be perfect, too.
Get knowledge from people with experience and success, not theory.  It takes time to gain experience—and it generally takes longer than a few months.
Check out the fruit of someone’s life before you listen.  That’s not to say that you judge them—or put them on a pedestal, either.  Sometimes we have seasons of time with people and then it’s time to move on as we grow personally.
Observe the effect of the advice-giver and/or mentor upon you.  Are you a better person after spending time with them (whether that’s on the phone, in person or through a recording or book)?  Are they controlling you through fear?  Do they cause you to feel discontent and critical of others, or do they call you to a higher standard?
Just a friendly reminder to be careful whom you listen to, whom you allow to have input into your life and mind.  And perhaps a reminder to evaluate the input you are pouring into the lives and minds of others.

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  1. Organiceater says:

    Amen! I have this same mantra on my blog, and I try to live this way! Thanks for wording it so beautifully!

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